Realtor Colleen Bennett
By Colleen Bennett, Longtime La Verne Realtor — Today, 87% of buyers start their home search on the Internet. It’s also true that vacant homes don’t show as well, and as a result, are at a distinct disadvantage to furnished or staged homes when it comes to getting the attention and offers of buyers. To […]
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I hate “if only’s,” but I’ll admit to one. If only I had known about Hartman-Baldwin’s “Home Remodeler’s Survival Guide,” before I undertook a limited remodel of my 1,700-square-foot home, I might have avoided much of the pain and many of the pitfalls that marked my particular remodeling (remuddling) experience. Without rehashing all the mistakes […]
Dilbeck Premier Properties in Claremont, Calif, through its association with Dilbeck Realtors in San Marino, has the perfect fixer-upper for anyone with $15 million to invest and a passion for architectural history, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in particular. Offered by Hilton & Hyland and Dilbeck Realtors of San Marino, with international marketing provided by […]
Here are six fast and inexpensive ways to get your home in selling-shape and have it ready for the summer-buying season: Remove – Clear the clutter inside and outside the home. Scrap the refrigerator magnets, pack up the Betty Boop collection and box up the Easter ornaments you never got around to putting away. Outside, […]
By Colleen Bennett, Dilbeck Premier Properties Realtor In this real estate market, you take nothing for granted. There’s no such thing as “business as usual,” and this rule especially applies to the purchases of unoccupied homes. Many occupied homes suffer from deferred maintenance and poor upkeep, such as  changing out air conditioning and furnace filters, […]
If you’re struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments, you really have one of four options: 1) loan modification, 2) short sale, 3) bankruptcy or a 4) foreclosure or deed in lieu. Below is some information about each process. However, please consult with your CPA, attorney or legal professional before making any decision regarding your property […]
Dilbeck Premier Properties in Claremont is a different kind of real estate office: It puts people first. Its culture of caring, and doing what’s right for the customer, is the reason the Dilbeck name has been synonymous with excellence in real estate for more than a half century in the San Gabriel Valley. Dilbeck Premier […]
College Escrow in Claremont is a standout, stand-alone and stand-up kind of company that, ironically, doesn’t like to stand out. We’ll explain: A Standout Company Like an outstanding umpire or referee, College Escrow works quietly behind the scenes to oversee, administer, navigate, negotiate, guide, and nudge the escrow process along to a successful conclusion, something […]