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After closing one of the world’s most successful body jewelry manufacturing businesses in December 2015, ending a two-decade run that earned millions of dollars annually and employed 86 people at its peak, Claremont resident Jim Coffman and his career are clearly on the rocks. Now he is in a state of monolithic madness, turning away from […]
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Legacy House, a new residential care home for the elderly in La Verne, is so spotlessly clean that some of the arriving residents might think they’ve died and gone to heaven. Over the last year, owners Lynn and Ralph Chalifoux have turned an eyesore into eye-candy. Every inch of the former fixer-upper located at the […]
Michael Cooper can’t help it if his office looks a little cluttered. Lining his jam-packed shelves are tubs, tubes, trays, cartons, bottles, packs, packets, pouches, wraps and scores of other colorful and super high-fidelity, gravure-printed and flexographic containers holding pastes, powders, liquids, gels, and a gazillion consumer products and foodstuffs ranging from noodles to nuts. […]
I’m here today to talk to you about Selling’s 5 Ps: Prospecting, Preparation, Presentation, Persuasion, and Post-Sale The First P: Prospecting How many of you here today know who William Dawes is? I thought so! On April 18, 1775, he jumped on his horse at midnight to warn his fellow colonists that the British were […]
To build your business, you need to not only meet people, but also connect with them. To connect with people (unless you want to halve your audience), steer clear of controversial issues like politics and religion. Why should you avoid two subjects that impassion and fascinate nearly everyone? There’s an easy answer: Because few people […]
The flavors are off the charts: Basil Olive Oil, Rosemary Butterscotch, Strawberry Balsamic, Honey Lavender, Pepper Peach. Twenty-five different flavors in all. Where can you buy these salad dressings? You can’t because the above are all flavors of sweet and savory ice cream served by Artisan Ice Creamologist Leo Neveux at his shop on Melrose […]
Matthew Matsumoto, singer-songwriter and regular performer at Holy Name of Mary Church in San Dimas, Calif., is releasing his debut solo album to the public on Aug. 27,2012. His album, titled “The Great Unknown,” is a collection of original works as well as contemporary Christian covers. Among the tracks are popular hits such as “How […]
Life hasn’t yet handed 9-year-old Megan Hakopian many lemons. So she asked her mom to buy her some, then she made lemonade, opened a stand and donated the profits to charity. This is the third year that the 4th grader has raised funds for David & Margaret Youth and Family Services, the La Verne-based nonprofit […]
If you want to get out of town in the few days, Steve Gainey, owner Gainey Ceramics in La Verne, suggests taking in Modernism Week (February 16-26) in Palm Springs. “Enjoy beautiful weather,” Steve said, “while visiting numerous Mid-Century Modern inspired events, parties and venues, including the Pre-Fab Showcase, where our Gainey Geo Tall and […]
Gainey Ceramics of La Verne is one of the nation’s leading companies to get Americans to buy, well, American. The company is listed on the “ABC World News” map showing where Americans can buy American-made products. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer has been running a special holiday campaign called “The Great Made in America […]