Responding to alarm burglaries keeps La Verne’s finest quite busy. How many of the alarms turn out to be false is unclear. Perhaps, that’s a question, we can ask the La Verne PD. Meanwhile, the majority of burglaries appear to take place along the town’s major thoroughfares, with Foothill leading the way. As for DUIs, […]
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Reports of suspicious foaming soda bottles,stolen pillows, missing doormats, harrassng roommates, and fire-play at Starbucks all make the police blotter.
Reports of a wild-driving ice cream truck driver, kids spraying shaving cream, a lothario boyfriend and a missing child who turned out not to be missing at all, but who simply stopped to play instead of coming straight home.
Do you it’s worth reporting a subject wearing all camouflage and carrying a rifle over his shoulder while walking along Mt. Springs Rd. Some caller thought so. Last time I looked, La Verne wasn’t West Virginia.
If anybody on the street offers you the chance to buy a gold bar for $800, take a pass. More than likely, it’s one of those opportunties too good to be true!
Suspects are brandishing weapons, then heading down the highway. Makes you want to stay inside and read a good book!
This week, it seems a lot of people are taking things that don’t belong to them, like tools, forklifts, social security numbers, and good old cash.
Lots of smash-and-grab vehicle burglaries, plus several “family disturbances,” including some 100-year-old guy taking it out on his eightysomething wife. What’s that all about?
A light crime week — perhaps preparing for the Super Bowl proved too great a distraction from committing unlawful acts.
A lot of people are going “missing” in La Verne. Makes you wonder whether we should all be wearing wrist bands. At least, you know where to find La Verne Online’s weekly crime report!