Dilbeck Premier Properties — The Real Deal in Real Estate

February 28, 2009
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dilbeck-office-0051Dilbeck Premier Properties in Claremont is a different kind of real estate office: It puts people first. Its culture of caring, and doing what’s right for the customer, is the reason the Dilbeck name has been synonymous with excellence in real estate for more than a half century in the San Gabriel Valley.

Dilbeck Premier Properties real estate agents are knowledgeable, experienced and solution-oriented. When others talk, they listen.

When so much speculation overtook the market, Dilbeck stuck to its core values, preferring to stay the course it knew best: providing unbiased help and advice and patiently assessing customer needs to create the best outcomes for its clients.

The measure of Dilbeck’s success is not its longevity in the market, but rather the perspective it has brought to it.

“At Dilbeck Premier Properties, we’re here to serve you, not sell you,” said Broker Ann Krauter. “Every Realtor has a sworn fiduciary responsibility to always put their clients’ interests first. We live up to that oath.”

As Ann noted, a sharp, perceptive agent can be the difference between a happy homecoming and a disastrous one. By including five simple words, “All appliances included in sale,” one of Ann’s agents recently was able to save a client thousands of dollars when the appliances had been illegally stripped from the foreclosed property prior to move-in date. Had those words not been written into the contract, the buyer would have been out the money to replace them.

“A contract isn’t just a piece of paper where you fill in the blanks,” Ann said. “It’s requires the experience and effort of a real estate professional who is really looking after your interests.”

Helping fill in those blanks at Dilbeck Premier Properties are dedicated agents who love what they do.

Real estate has to be a calling and a labor of love, not just a career,” said Ann. “I think in especially challenging markets, our agents have been able to distinguish and differentiate themselves by being patient and consumer-oriented. To assist our clients, sure we can automatically email them about MLS properties that match their search criteria, but any tool, as it good as it may be, can never replace the human element. It still takes people to navigate and negotiate real estate transactions. And I think that’s where we really shine!

Putting people first has been and will always remain the core value of Dilbeck Premier Properties.

“When a client buys or sells a home, it’s a life-changing experience,” Ann said. “Our commitment is to do everything we can and work as smart and hard as we can, so that experience is always a positive and rewarding one.

To speak to a Dilbeck real estate professional about any real estate matter, please call (909) 758-4900. Dilbeck Premier Properties is always in the neighborhood.


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