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Chef Tony and wife Ann
There’s fast … then there’s “Tony Lancaster” fast. Chef Tony, as he’s known around SoCal, can make 900 sandwiches in an hour. And we’re not talking baloney and mayo on white bread here, but a Turkey Croissant with dried tomato aioli, filled with oven-roasted turkey breast, provolone cheese, alfalfa sprouts, green leaf, tomato and red […]
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When you’re sitting down for a chicken dinner at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant in Buena Park, you’re sitting down with history. From her little Buena Park tea room, which was attached to her and her husband Walter’s fledgling berry market, Cordelia Knott pulled out her wedding china and linen napkins and served eight people […]
Five years ago when she opened for business, Virada Khowong, owner of Taste of Asia restaurant in La Verne, was anxiously wondering whether anyone was going to walk through her front door. Now she can’t keep people away. In fact, the restaurant and the food have become so much the rage here in town that […]
I had planned on going to Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades off Sunset Drive, but the day got away from me and I ran out of time. So instead of walking and hiking and learning a little history in the state park, I continued west to the end of Sunset and turned north […]
Before the big game at Citrus College this Thursday, Sept. 1, between Bonita and San Dimas for Smudge Pot bragging rights, renew your love affair with Spaghetti Eddie’s, Glendora’s iconic Italian restaurant that opened this week 26 years ago. Exit Grand Avenue off the 210, pull into the Sports Chalet shopping center and start enjoying […]
If you call yourself Fresh & Easy, then there are two criteria, you better meet or exceed. You better be fresh & easy. And if your prices are also low, too, you’ll keep customers coming back! We’re happy to report that Fresh and Easy’s newest location at 655 E. Bonita, caddy corner to Holy Name […]
Imagine every day tasting fresh, fabulous food prepared by an outstanding French chef. For residents of Hillcrest in La Verne it isn’t a dream. Their executive chef is Christian Laire, who was born in Lyons, France, and was educated in the French system of culinary education known as Culinary Aptitude.
Move over William Sonoma! Get out of my way, Sur Le Table! The Village Kitchen Shoppe may not be as mighty or as well known as either specialty retailer of quality kitchen ware, but the 2,500-square-foot neighborhood store in the heart of Glendora’s gumdrop-shaped, ficus tree-lined shopping district knows its way around the kitchen, thank […]
2 – 6 oz. salmon filets Ingredients   1 cup dried cherries ½ cup Cognac or dried dark rum 2 tbs brown sugar 3 tbs. Cajun seasoning ½ cup heavy cream 1 T olive oil Directions Season filets with Cajun seasoning on both sides, put onto grill. Grill salmon approximately 4 minutes per side. Heat […]
I’d wager that most of us have done it before: gorged ourselves on too much Thanksgiving food. Despite our best intentions, and even though we “know better,” we are probably just like millions of other Americans who, come that great day of feasting, simply can’t stop themselves from one more slice of pie, a second […]