Librarian Linda Plumlee was showered with gifts from appreciative Roynon students.
LA VERNE, California, February 2, 2018 — On Groundhog Day in La Verne, hundreds of Roynon Elementary students rose in celebration, not because of the breaking news that Punxsutawny Phil had poked out of his Pennsylvania burrow to see his shadow, signifying another six weeks of winter, but because their remodeled library had officially opened, […]
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LA VERNE, California, September 26, 2017 — New Roynon Principal Tammi DiGrazia understands honoring history and tradition more than most.   Just consider her own pedigree. Her father is the great thoroughbred trainer Bert Sonnier, who won the 1969 Santa Anita Handicap (then the richest race in the world) with Nodouble, who was twice named […]
Now that it’s spring, it’s only appropriate that this story is about a rose – Sandee Rose who is reuniting children with their lost jackets, sweaters, and backpacks with a unique lost-and-found program, Found It on Friday, which she started at Roynon Elementary School as a PTA project. Every Friday, she stands at the E […]
 Roynon K-5 kids may still be little, but they have huge hearts. How else can you explain the thousands of dollars they gave away this spring so that others may have a little more hope and happiness in their lives? On May 20 at Roynon open house, students presented three large checks, each benefiting a […]
Have you checked the price of projector bulbs lately? If one goes on the fritz, by the time you requisition a new one, it could take weeks to receive it, if it arrives at all, given lean school budgets these days. Without something as simple as projector bulb, students could literally be left in the […]