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John Tarrant
Mayor Don Kendrick cuts the ribbon on a new bike repair station, surrounded by Councilwoman Robin Carder and the La Verne Bike Coalition's John Tarrant.
On a cold, wintry night hoisting brews and glasses of wine around a table at Pappas Artisanal in La Verne are gathered four men who would look perfectly at home at an insurance convention, but place them astride a bike, decked out in their skin-hugging cycling shorts, jerseys, gloves and helmets, and these guys are […]
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“In the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti,” wrote Melville. It is an individual experience of a place, only to be reached by traveling inward. The master ceramicists featured in this year’s Scripps College Ceramic Annual use clay to communicate the landscapes that they carry within, usually by alluding to a specific part […]
I lived in the San Fernando Valley for nearly 40 years. Two years ago, I married a Gal from my Hometown, Youngstown, Ohio. I introduce LuAnn as ‘My First Wife’ … because she is! People are surprised, as we were, that we found each other… especially when they hear that LuAnn was living in Cleveland, […]
The way that people in La Verne are going to work, shop, shelter, study, dine, drive, commute, recreate and seek medical service could significantly change in upcoming years if development in the city continues at its current pace. Here is an overview of many of the key developments now underway in the City. To help […]
What does recent history tell us? Damien’s football field was named after its great coach Dick Larson. Similarly, the Spartan’s ball yard was named after longtime athletic director Tom Carroll. You can find both stories on LaVerneOnline. Meanwhile, Bonita’s football field has long donned the name of Glenn Davis, the high school’s multi-sport star who […]
Everything you need to know about Marianne Stark, who has owned a tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping service in La Verne, Calif., since 1983, can be pretty much summed up in her surname — Stark, as in direct and unambiguous. In other words, she’s a straight shooter, which is refreshing to know if you’re a business or […]
Thirty minutes three times a week is all the time Fitness Results trainer and owner wants you to invest in your body to lead a healthy life. He should know. While training systems such as CrossFit, Pilates, P90X, TRX, Zumba, Les Mills and HIT (high-intensity training) are just some of the programs that have promised […]
You can apply a lot of different labels to Brian Gomez, now 28, but maybe the most apropos appellation is fierce competitor. When he played linebacker at Damien High School for four years, he was always in the thick of the scrum. He applied the same warrior mindset to his studies. After completing Damien, he […]
When asked to name the thing they fear most, people often put public speaking — not dying — at the top of their list. Here’s how one insightful person rationalized this dead-over-dread choice: “… I came up with three advantages that death has over speaking in front of a group of people. First of all, […]
Responding to alarm burglaries keeps La Verne’s finest quite busy. How many of the alarms turn out to be false is unclear. Perhaps, that’s a question, we can ask the La Verne PD. Meanwhile, the majority of burglaries appear to take place along the town’s major thoroughfares, with Foothill leading the way. As for DUIs, […]