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The Searing Residence on 7th in Claremont.
The husband and wife team of Paul and Maureen Wheeler do “toaster architecture.” For the past three decades, whenever any kind of design challenge pops up, their Wheeler & Wheeler architectural firm, formed in Claremont, Calif., in 1985, has been able to solve it. Whether the current project is a new construction or remodel, slices of […]
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When Ray Atwan moved into his new barbershop at 27 Catalina Ave. in Pasadena, he didn’t wait long to spruce up the place, buying new barber chairs and donating the surplus to the Los Angeles County jails. He wanted to make a first great impression. But that was 1964. Fifty three years later, Ray, the […]
“Love your neighbor; yet don’t pull down your hedge.” Benjamin Franklin If you’ve driven through northeast Los Angeles lately, you’ll notice that horizontal fences are now all the rage. But the trend isn’t exactly new. Indeed, until about 40 years most fences were horizontal. They only started standing upright in response to new safety codes […]
Pokémon Go, Game of Thrones, anything … you expect these cultural cornerstones to be trending, but the La Verne Historical Society (LVHS)? Well, it’s got a case. In recent months, the organization’s membership has topped more than 200 members and shows no signs of peaking. In February, its “Get on the Bus” local history […]
This is an article about what you, as either a buyer or a seller, can expect to happen in a hot market. But first, let’s define what a hot market is. As a rule, that’s any real estate area that’s seeing marked year-over-year price increases. In Southern California communities like Highland Park, Glassell Park, Elysian […]
Glendora, CA – Spaghetti Eddie’s is ready to open after temporarily closing for some kitchen maintenance after experiencing a kitchen mishap. The restaurant reopens Friday, April 7 at 4 p.m., just in time for Friday night dinner and the weekend and, most important, Easter. Spaghetti Eddie’s has experienced a lot of community support, even though […]
Here was our challenge. Colleen and I have been hosting a couple of social media mavens from Australia here to explore new business opportunities when they asked us where they could pick up a good latte after their morning jog around our fair town of La Verne. Immediately, panic set in, because, you see, Australians don’t […]
  The No. 1 sign that you live in Los Angeles isn’t that you’re always 30 minutes late, adore In-n-Out burgers, or wear your Lululemon gear all over town. No, it’s the fact that you, your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor likely lives in a home with an unpermitted addition or alteration. No one knows […]
As many of you know, I have three boys whom I had the extreme privilege of coaching in La Verne’s youth basketball leagues, one of the great joys and benefits of living in our great town. Like any coach, I was looking for an edge when I heard about this guy, Tom Amberry, who sank […]
The reason most of us continue living in Southern California, paying exorbitant mortgages and leases, is so we can be on the ground floor for whatever is trending next. As L.A. goes, so goes the nation. So when we hear about something new or edgy in the LA metropolis, even if neither turns out to […]