Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Scott Land makes magic in his workshop.
Scott Land is an entertainer at the top of his game. His nearly four-decade career has recently put him on the A-list for movies, television, Hollywood royalty, Las Vegas and a world tour. You would think a guy like that wouldn’t have time for a little elementary school like Grace Miller in La Verne. But […]
Reel People | Video
Metro Gold Line Foothill Construction Authority hosted a kick-off meeting for the much-anticipated Azusa to Montclair Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension light rail line, which will go through La Verne.
The Nanny is playing a new role now, and is getting everyone’s attention again!
Teresa and Demetrio Zago introduce furniture inspired by Italy and the New World.
Meld northern Italy’s unimpeachable reputation for design excellence with southern Mexico’s centuries’-old tradtion of incomparable craftsmanship, and you get Veneto, a new showroom in San Dimas, featuring beautiful handcrafted artisan funiture made from 100 percent reforested pinewood. The story of how Veneto came to open its doors in San Dimas is a transglobal one, crossing generations […]
Biz Buzz
Biz Buzz
Business news of La Verne
From start to finish, Bonita was a determined bunch.
Natasha Hui had some great service aces, Lauren Reed had some solid sets, Olivia Rioseco, Riley Inman and Carrie Mcglohhon delivered several devastating kills and their teammates sustained several long rallies, keeping their fans shouting and screaming from the start to the end of the match, but it still wasn’t enough as Bonita fell to […]
Sports Shorts
Sports Shorts
What's happening in and around LA Verne Sports
Consuming too much grain could punch a big hole in your health, according to the new book, Grain Brain.
Which of the four produces the greatest surge in blood sugar — you know,  the same toxic fuel that has contributed to a doubling of diabetes in our country? 1) a slice of whole-wheat bread 2) a Snickers bar 3) a tablespoon of pure white sugar 4)a banana It’s the not the candy bar, which […]
LV Vibe
LV Vibe
Overview of LV lifestyle and culture
On Monday morning, the sights, sounds and smells around town were different. Once again, school buses were chugging up Wheeler Ave, their tailpipes emitting freshly burned diesel into the atmosphere; moms and dads choked back tears and hugged their kids a little tighter before releasing their kindergartners for their first official day of class, high […]
A Brief Collection of school events in La Verne.
Peyton Manning
Well, folks, yet another year is soon coming to an end.   Which means another year in Sports is coming to an end.   Let’s see if we can combine the two and create some entertainment for ourselves….ok? First; baseball.   The bearded Boston Red-Sox became the hairiest team to ever win the World Series, and the hairiest […]
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