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Here's our little secret: If it's intimate apparel you seek, Carol Gill is a clear standout!
Hey, Victoria, the real Secret is out. You’re not the only retailer of fashionable and functional intimate apparel in Southern California to have raving fans. Have you heard of Carol Gill’s wonderful downtown Glendora shop, Undercovers? If not, you should. You see, Carol, who boasts a fashion merchandising background, and Undercovers are about to celebrate […]
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On Thursday night in San Dimas, termites, rodents and other pests got the bad news that A Tovar Termite and Pest Control plans to be in business for at least another 20 years. The declaration was made official with great fanfare as several local, county, state officials and honored guests celebrated A Tovar Termite and […]
When people call Nancy Eastland, the first thing she tells them is, “Don’t throw anything out.” Not a single nail, button, or half-spent sack of flour. “I want the cleaning supplies under the sink, I want the health and beauty aids in the bathroom, I want the food in the cupboards,” said Eastland, now in […]
Legacy House, a new residential care home for the elderly in La Verne, is so spotlessly clean that some of the arriving residents might think they’ve died and gone to heaven. Over the last year, owners Lynn and Ralph Chalifoux have turned an eyesore into eye-candy. Every inch of the former fixer-upper located at the […]
Michael Cooper can’t help it if his office looks a little cluttered. Lining his jam-packed shelves are tubs, tubes, trays, cartons, bottles, packs, packets, pouches, wraps and scores of other colorful and super high-fidelity, gravure-printed and flexographic containers holding pastes, powders, liquids, gels, and a gazillion consumer products and foodstuffs ranging from noodles to nuts. […]
When you dream and aim higher than your current reach anything can happen. Today, Jack Zenian, who grew up in Yerevan, Armenia, is the proud owner of Lone Hill Collision Center in Glendora. He came to the auto body shop’s front desk looking for a job, he ended up buying the place. While he got […]
If you’re unemployed, underemployed or simply considering a career change, instead of channel surfing between television crime dramas, try out the free Career Crossroads ministry sponsored by St. John’s Episcopal Church in La Verne every last Wednesday night of the month. In the two years that the jobs ministry has been active, about 40 community […]
Palace Pet Salon and owner Mark Levy have been named La Verne’s Business of the Year by the La Verne Chamber of Commerce. Frankly, Mark is a unique animal, so the Chamber wasn’t barking up the wrong tree in presenting him with this richly deserved award.  When he and his family opened Palace Pet Salon […]
31 Flavors in La Verne has just added a new flavor in the form of new owner Said Rawani, who celebrated a grand reopening of the long-time 31 Flavors location in the new Von’s Center with a DJ, balloon artist, spinning Wheel of Fortune and La Verne’s very own Community Cheer Girls. “I love the […]
Spend a couple of moments with cobbler Carlos “Andy” Galvez, and the Guatemalan shoemaker who lives and works in La Verne will have you in stitches. He’s got an opinion about everything and isn’t afraid to voice it. Shoehorned into his Target Center shop plastered with signs, shoelaces, zippers, buttons, bags, purses, belts, stacks of […]