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I have always loved pools, and the deeper and darker the better. I search them out on every vacation. For instance, when traveling to Mammoth, I seek out the many hot springs that bubble and gurgle near the tiny Mammoth airport. Immersing myself in their thermal waters while wistfully gazing out to the saw-tooth formations […]
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Named last year by ABC News as a company supplying quality “American Made” products, Gainey Ceramics in La Verne this month is highlighting its array of outdoor products that are guaranteed to dress up any landscape. From a residential, Mediterranean courtyard to a large scale modern commercial project, Gainey has been the choice of landscape […]
Just in time for autumn, Gainey Ceramics of La Verne has introduced its Fiberclay collection of decorative planters, the perfect choice to dress up any yard.    The Gainey Fiberclay Collection includes the following features: Strong, durable clay fiber bonded construction.  Interior sealant and rubber plugged drainage hole ready for direct planting.  Decorative rubbed finishes […]
For Vicki Brown, the CEO of La Verne-based DPI Labs who founded Sowing Seeds for Life to help feed the homeless and hungry, the food and produce keep tasting better and fresher than ever. That’s because the nonprofit Sowing Seeds for Life has started a community garden at Falcon Ranch, a 45-acre spread owned by […]
Move over William Sonoma! Get out of my way, Sur Le Table! The Village Kitchen Shoppe may not be as mighty or as well known as either specialty retailer of quality kitchen ware, but the 2,500-square-foot neighborhood store in the heart of Glendora’s gumdrop-shaped, ficus tree-lined shopping district knows its way around the kitchen, thank […]
Outdoor Elegance in La Verne is Southern California’s most elegant showroom to shop and enjoy outdoor patio furnishings. On Thursday, after closing hours, the classy showroom opened its doors to help fight Lupus, a not-so-elegant autoimmune disease in which the immune system is unbalanced, causing inflammation and tissue damage to virtually every organ system in […]
Joann Lammens’ ship has come in – or, should we say, shipments. The owner of Gina T. HOME and Gina T Interior Accents is like a kid at Christmas, ecstatic over the arrival of her new Mark Roberts collection of Christmas Fairies and Elves and the new line of Possible Dreams Christmas collectibles and figurines. […]
Before the June 8 primary election this week, there was another important vote that may ultimately have a bigger impact on La Verne than who residents think will make the best Governor, U.S. Senator or 59th District assembly person. On Monday, June 7, the City of La Verne tallied the ballots of homeowners from Rancho […]
It’s never too late to learn about the birds and the bees.   In my case, I noticed our beagle Sport was no longer retreating to the cozy comfort of his dog house at night. The next morning, walking past a few swarming bees, I ducked my head inside his normally happy home and saw […]
A church and a community that sows together, grows together. This is just one of the aims of the La Verne Church of the Brethren’s gardening group that has broken ground on a roughly 50-foot-by-150-foot parcel of land that once served as a pre-school playground and Nature Park. Dedicated September 6, 2009, with an official […]