There’s been a whole lot of a shakin’ going on, and I’m not talking about Jerry Lee Lewis. For the past week a rapid-fire volley of different magnitude earthquakes has been rumbling throughout Southern California, from Catalina to the Coachella Valley, making one wonder whether it’s time to finally pull the trigger on that earthquake […]
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Joann Lammens’ ship has come in – or, should we say, shipments. The owner of Gina T. HOME and Gina T Interior Accents is like a kid at Christmas, ecstatic over the arrival of her new Mark Roberts collection of Christmas Fairies and Elves and the new line of Possible Dreams Christmas collectibles and figurines. […]
W.C. Handy (1873-1958) was known as the “Father of the Blues,” W.C. Fields (1880 – 1946) was known as a pioneering comic genius, and W.C. Hanawalt, a contemporary of Handy’s and Field’s, was best known as the University of La Verne’s fifth president. (Only then the University was known as Lordsburg College.) His name also […]