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From left, brothers John and Will Fuelling are primed to serve all of their customers meat, poultry and seafood needs.
    Excuse the bad pun, but The Corner Butcher, owned and operated by John and Will Fuelling, has been killing it lately, drawing more fans to their establishment with their daily specials, like carne asada tacos and a beer for $6, buy one prime ribeye steak and get one free, and their bring a […]
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Meld northern Italy’s unimpeachable reputation for design excellence with southern Mexico’s centuries’-old tradtion of incomparable craftsmanship, and you get Veneto, a new showroom in San Dimas, featuring beautiful handcrafted artisan funiture made from 100 percent reforested pinewood. The story of how Veneto came to open its doors in San Dimas is a transglobal one, crossing generations […]
Far more tenants and landlords would get along if only the two groups (natural adversaries?) better understood the rights and responsibilities that each enjoys under the law. In the spirit of lowering tensions, let’s review and explain a few basic rules that apply to the rental relationship. Before diving in, remember that landlords are lessors […]
Cigar lounge is a great place to relax, unwind and puff away to your heart’s content.
Hey, Victoria, the real Secret is out. You’re not the only retailer of fashionable and functional intimate apparel in Southern California to have raving fans. Have you heard of Carol Gill’s wonderful downtown Glendora shop, Undercovers? If not, you should. You see, Carol, who boasts a fashion merchandising background, and Undercovers are about to celebrate […]
About four years ago, during the heart of the Great Recession, the Universal Air Academy flew into Brackett Airport with the goal of helping people slip the surly bonds of Earth and become civilian pilots. Perhaps, even more amazing, for about the price of a workout with a high-priced fitness expert, you get to take […]
Here’s what the La Verne Chamber of Commerce has been doing to support and put dollars back into our community: 4TH OF JULY PARADE. If you live in La Verne, you were either in the parade or were watching the parade. The Chamber had over 20 entries in the parade. What a wonderful way to […]
While many parents are enjoying their summer vacations (or dreaming about taking a summer vacation), their kids are hard at work on the courts and playing fields practicing and preparing for the 2013-2014 athletic season. Of course, no student athlete can compete in CIF competition without first receiving a CIF-mandated sports physical. Recognizing this need […]
Would you confess and entrust your darkest secrets, deepest troubles and greatest fears to a recovering alcoholic with an injured heart, who also flunked Greek and Latin? Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands, unfailingly have — anxious teenagers who don’t get along with their parents, bewildered and bankrupt parents who have lost their homes, […]
It’s the sad truth. Thousands of college-bound students, including many from La Verne, will be moving into their freshman dorms. Greeting them will be standard-issue rock-hard beds more suited for inmates doing long stretches of time. Paul Niederer is one of those parents who will be sending his son off to San Jose State, where […]