Cory Hiltz
It’s time to designate the La Verne post office, The Cory F. Hiltz post office. We spent BILLIONS of dollars for war, and Congressman David Dreier who has voted to designate other post offices after fallen military personnel in New York and Massachusetts is having a problem designating our post office after PFC. Cory F. […]
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Temporarily living on a U.S. Marine Corps base in Hawaii, lawyer and La Verne Online reader Howard Hills shares his thoughts on Independence Day.
Cory Hiltz: La Verne’s No. 1 Hero As a former resident of LaVerne and close friend of the Hiltz family, I both smiled and cried when I read your article. Thank you so much for running the story. Our family knew Cory from the time he was born and were fortunate enough to have spent […]