Behold the Prince of Pitchers
      Sports usually disappoints.       I mean it.   The end result of most landmark sporting events is that the anticipation far exceeds the actual outcome of the event itself.   This might strike you as a surprising comment from a man who loves sports, writes about sports, and knows more about most sports than most of […]
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      Folks, there’s more to this Galarragagate thing than meets an umpire’s eye….hey, am I the first one to call it that?       And what exactly is Galarragagate, you ask?   Well, if you don’t know, you’re not really paying much attention.   This has gone way beyond being just a sports story.   It has been all […]
      In addition to being damned entertaining, Sports can be used as a kind of bookmark.   Each watershed sporting event can act as a virtual placeholder in the huge, ungainly memory book of your life.       That’s what I use Sports for, sometimes.   Do you?   Well you should.   For one thing, it works.   For another, […]
      I took my son to see Invictus the other day.   It wasn’t very good.   I guess it wasn’t a bad movie per se, just not exactly a transcendent work of art.   For instance Matt Damon, a fine actor, was badly under-utilized, and in fact there was very little character development in the film at […]
      My girlfriend kind of ordered me to write about Tiger Woods this week.   I didn’t want to.   I wanted to write about the NFL, which offers up a buffet of tasty tidbits of athletic accomplishment every Sunday.   But she was adamant: “You absolutely have to write about Tiger!   That’s all anybody cares about right […]
by Brad Eastland, The Sports Philosopher                     They’re getting ready to award the Heisman Trophy later this week.   It’s a big deal.   It’s named after John W. Heisman, a crusty, innovative, ancient football coach, whose 1916 Georgia Tech Engineers once squeaked by the Cumberland Bulldogs by the score […]
by Brad Eastland, The Sports Philosopher….       If you’re anything like me, you regard every baseball season as a carnival of historical “firsts”.   Every year there are always a bunch of neat things that happen in baseball that have never happened in baseball before.         The history of baseball has always meant more to me […]
by Brad Eastland, The Sports Philosopher          My little sister Marji called me the other day, to tell me she was going to the County Fair.   You know, the one right down the road here in Pomona?   Anyway, I told her to make sure to catch a few horse races at their cute little […]
    by Brad Eastland, The Sports Philosopher         I’ve been watching football games for a long time.   Longer than many of you LVO-ers have been alive, I reckon.   And I think, therefore, I have paid my dues as a College Football fan and NFL Football fan right up to where some of the […]
The Sports Philosopher and his faithful dog engage in a lively Q&A over what’s doin’ in Sports….   by Brad Eastland          Good morning, sports fans.   Time for another satisfying edition of “Monday Morning Coffee”.   I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Sports I take my coffee with both powdered *Coffee-Mate and […]