by Brad Eastland         We middle-agers had a big sports anniversary over the weekend.       But unless you are at least 52 or 53 you don’t remember it.   Many of you weren’t even born yet.   (Which of course makes you lucky in more ways than one.)       But I remember.   Like it was yesterday…. […]
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 The Sports Philosopher Takes a Scattershot View of the State of Sport at Summer’s Halfway Point….  by Brad Eastland         I always wanted to be like one of those beloved Sports scribes of my youth, who people got together on a Monday morning to talk about and hash over what he had to say.    […]
By Brad Eastland, the Sports Philosopher       Well, I barely made the deadline this week.       Y’see, sports fans, your friendly neighborhood Sports Philosopher has spent the last several days sailing the high seas on a luxury cruise, with body, mind, and rapier-like whatever all languishing in blissful inactivity on the same relaxing boat.   So […]
by Brad Eastland               I must be getting old.       Earlier this week I was sitting around, ruminating on whether I would be devoting this week’s thrilling column to America’s mid-summer classic, baseball’s All-Star Game, or to the Open Championship of golf, a.k.a. the British Open.   So I chose both.   It […]
by Brad Eastland, The Sports Philosopher….         It’s hard enough being siblings without having to fake stuff.       Makes me wonder if that’s what Venus did the other day.         Oh yeah, did you see Venus and Serena Williams play in the Wimbledon final the other day?   Great theater, as always.   They are both […]
  by Brad Eastland, the Sports Philosopher….                     A wise man once said (okay, it was only me) that one of the toughest things in Life is determining—while they are actually happening—what are truly the most significant moments in one’s Life.   And then determining what to do about it. […]
By Brad Eastland, t.s.p.       You think Lamar Odom reads this column?       And if he does, ‘you think he’s mad at me?       Because I was just wondering.   I was wondering if it could possibly be more than just a coincidence that immediately after my column came out last week, wherein I criticized him […]
                  By Brad Eastland, the Sports Philosopher         Luck has so much to do with one’s lot in Life.   No one wants to admit it.   But it’s the truth.       Take the case of Blake Griffin.   He doesn’t know it yet, but his life is about to take a series of unfortunate turns, all […]
By Brad Eastland, t.s.p.         First of all, let me just say that I hate the Boston Celtics.       I always have.   They practically ruined the 60s for me, beating my beloved Lakers six times in the finals.   Back then I hated their smugness, their cockiness, and especially their stupid, too-tight, ball-crushing basketball shorts.   […]
By Brad Eastland, t.s.p. (as in ‘The Sports Philosopher’, get it?)        I was out at Santa Anita on Sunday.   It was closing day.   Truth is I really wasn’t much in the mood, but old habits die hard.   Plus my girlfriend wanted to go.   Roxanne.   She loves excitement.   And finally, they do run a very […]