December 28, 2016
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Responding to alarm burglaries keeps La Verne’s finest quite busy. How many of the alarms turn out to be false is unclear. Perhaps, that’s a question, we can ask the La Verne PD.

Meanwhile, the majority of burglaries appear to take place along the town’s major thoroughfares, with Foothill leading the way.

As for DUIs, the city averages a little less than one a day. But even one drunk driver on the road is too many when you have loved ones trying to make it home safely each day.

Petty theft pretty much takes place in our large food and fashion markets, while acts of vandalism appear indiscriminately across the city. The good news is the deliberate destruction of or damage to property appears quite limited.

Not every crime is reported here. On the LVPD crime log, you’ll find a more comprehensive listing of incidents, including structure fires, welfare checks, runaways, robberies, reports of suspicious suspects and vehicles, and other occurrences requiring a police response, including two bear sightings.

Maybe the best way this crime log can be of service is to remind everyone that crime takes place every day — even in low-crime cities like La Verne – so if you see something, say something by contacting your local La Verne Police Department. Also, take common-sense precautions and crime-prevention measures to ensure the safety of your family and valuables.

Safety is better than sorrow.


28900 block of Bowdoin

2600 block of 1st St.

5700 block of Parkcrest Dr.

2600 block of 1st St.

1300 block of Foothill

100 block of Bonner Ct.

3700 block of Damien Ave.

2500 block of Segovia

2400 block of Foothill

3700 block of Damien

1900 block of Foothill

1300 block of Foothill

1500 block of White

1300 block of Arrow

2700 block of Saddle Creek Ct.

6300 block of Birdie Dr.

1700 block of Wright St.

2400 block of Foothill

2500 block of Bowdoin

6500 block of Country Club Dr.

2500 block of Segovia

2100 block of 3rd St.

6000 block of Prairie Falcon Dr.

2600 block of 5th St.

1600 block of Puddingstone

3400 block of Ramona

5400 block of Rotary Dr.

1600 block of Fairplex Dr.

 2300 block of Foothill

4200 block of Meadow St.

1100 block of Ruggles St.

1300 block of Tabor Ln.

2700 block of Damien Ave.

1600 block of Puddingstone Dr.

1900 block of Clear Falls Ave.

2100 block of Foothill

3600 block of D St.

1600 block of Curtiss Ct.

1600 block of 5th St.

900 block of Baseline Rd.

1200 block of Foothill

2300 block of Golden Hills

2000 block of Damien

4600 block of Wheeler Ave.

1400 block of Baseline Rd.

4000 block of Fruit St.

2100 block of Foothill

5200 block of Acorn Dr.

2500 block of Segovia

1955 block of Foothill

4700 block of Chamber Ave.

7100 block of Vista de Oro

1600 block of Puddingstone

1200 block of Canyon Park

1900 block of Fairplex Dr.

1600 block of Puddingstone

 BURGLARIES (Dec. 14-27)

300 block of Elderberry

2000 block of Foothill

2000 block of Evergreen

1500 block of Foothill

1300 block of Foothill

6000 block of Wheeler

2600 block of College Ln.

1400 block of Foothill

1900 block of Fairplex Dr.

2800 block of Bowdoin St.

1600 block of White

2000 block of Foothill

500 block of Willow Pl.

2400 block of E. St.

200 block of Elderberry

2400 block of Arrow Hwy.

1800 block of Arrow Hwy.


2500 block of Lunes

Esperanza & Virginia












PETTY THEFT (Dec. 14-27)

2200 block of Foothilll

2000 block of 6th St.

1500 block of Foothill

1600 block of Foothill

1600 block of Foothill

1600 block of Foothill

1600 block of Foothill


2800 block of Bonita Ave.

6900 block of Country Club Dr.

2300 block of Bonita Ave.

VANDALISM (Dec. 14-27)

3800 block of Chelsea Dr.

4800 block of Marshall Creek

700 block of Dogwood Dr.

1300 block of 3rd St.

2100 block of Virginia

2400 block of Foothill

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