The leaves are a changin'.
If it’s true that one apple a day can keep the doctor away, gas up the car for the easy one-hour drive to Oak Glen, a mile-high community above Yucaipa that offers bushels of healthy heirloom pommes that you can’t find or taste anywhere else.   Forget about those supermarket apples that taste no better […]
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On your way to Kernville, driving east on 178 out of Bakersfield, you eventually encounter Kern Canyon. Greeting you at the entrance is a large sign showing the number (248) of lives claimed by the Kern River since 1968. In what’s become a summer-time tradition, the Kern County Sheriff’s Department updates the gruesome count as […]
Nothing wakes me up faster than the simple, declarative sentence, “We’re going to Mammoth Lakes.”  I don’t think about the scary patches of single-lane 395 Highway out of Adelanto to Ridgecrest that I absolutely hate while riding on the shoulder to avoid the huge semi’s and trailers coming directly at me separated by only a […]
One of the coolest things about strolling and browsing Long Beach’s Belmont Shore along Second St. is you are immediately familiar with many of the names of the 15 intersecting side streets – La Verne, Glendora, Covina, Claremont – that make up the business district. Obviously, one of ‘the Shore’s’ early developers must have had […]
Bill Gervasi is a chairman of an international standards group defining memory technology for the computer industry.  Traveling both for business and pleasure, he has visited 19 countries and most of the United States.  Rounding out an eclectic lifestyle, in his spare time he teaches aerobics classes for local health clubs, and he was a […]
We had a general idea where we were headed for our Sunday Drive. Peter wanted to explore his boyhood neighborhood of Altadena to roust up some screenplay ideas that have been bouncing around his head. Altadena is located just north of Pasadena, about 25 minutes from La Verne. We exited the 210 freeway at Madre […]
When I have Vegas fever, but lack the energy to drive 300 miles, I make the relatively short drive to the Palm Springs area. It’s sort of a compromise – parsimony with palm trees. I can enjoy a fun restaurant or two without the lure of dropping a hundred dollars playing slots while standing in […]