When the leaves change, drop everything and head to Oak Glen.
If it’s true that one apple a day can keep the doctor away, gas up the car for the easy one-hour drive to Oak Glen, a mile-high community above Yucaipa that offers bushels of healthy heirloom pommes that you can’t find or taste anywhere else. Forget about those supermarket apples that taste no better than […]
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 As I’m writing this, I’m breaking every few minutes (seconds) to enjoy some delicious dried tart cherries from Simonian Farms in Fresno, a sliver of pistachio biscotti from Rosetti’s Biscotti House in Clovis, a handful of wrinkled milk chocolate raisins from the Sun-Maid Growers of California in Kingsburg while sipping a 2007 Estate Voignier from […]
   At age 55, I’ve been around the block, err, track, a few times, but I had never gone to opening day at Del Mar. It’s an event significant enough to put on your bucket list, and also one easy enough to cross off your list. The spa is only 84 miles from La Verne. […]
I used to really know my way around Los Angeles … all the great neighborhoods, clubs, eateries, and shopping. But now that our oldest has moved to mid-city/mid-Wilshire, I’ve got an excuse to explore and get reacquainted. So this week’s Sunday drive was to Larchmont Village, Hancock Park and Windsor Square.   It actually took a […]
The motivation for this week’s Sunday drive was a candle. Not just any candle, but the Archipelago Botanicals Excursion Collection in the Dubai scent. A natural soy candle and the fragrant blend of amber, mandarin and musk is heavenly … a best seller, and as luck would have it, the only place I could find […]
You’ve worked hard all week and need a quick getaway.  The Sunday Drive will help you unwind and prepare  for the  new week ahead energized and refreshed. In this week’s drive, we traveled to the Pasadena Rose Bowl flea market, a Pasadena institution for more than 40 years and held the second Sunday of every month.  Aside from all the […]
    On our trip to the Northwest, we began and ended our journey in Seattle. After racing to Port Townsend and Port Angeles and Victoria B.C. and the Olympic Forest and to Forks of “Twilight” book and movie fame, per our pre-trip itinerary, I looked at Colleen and wondered why we hadn’t just hunkered […]
Hundreds of miles from La Verne, and you can still find a piece of the city in one of the world’s loveliest gardens. Take a stroll through this horticultural wonderland.
Port Townsend is a wonderful vacation getaway on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington that combines the perfect mix of charm, sophistication and the wild outdoors to bring me back again and again.
Finally, the West Coast has an answer to Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” and, most recently, “The Lost Symbol.” Like fans of those two mega-selling page-turners, readers of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance series “Twilight” can tramp around the tiny town of Forks, Wash. (pop. 3,120), and retrace the lives of the books’ beloved characters. […]