Salmon with Dried Cherry Cognac Sauce by the Corner Butcher Shop’s Chef Ricky

May 22, 2010
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2 – 6 oz. salmon filets

Corner Butcher Shop Executive Chef Ricky Brewer

Corner Butcher Shop Executive Chef Ricky Brewer



1 cup dried cherries

½ cup Cognac or dried dark rum

2 tbs brown sugar

3 tbs. Cajun seasoning

½ cup heavy cream

1 T olive oil


Season filets with Cajun seasoning on both sides, put onto grill. Grill salmon approximately 4 minutes per side. Heat cherries in olive oil in sauté pan until translucent. Remove from heat. Add Cognac and return to fire. Burn off alcohol. Add brown sugar, then add cream until thickened by half. Remove salmon filets from grill. Remove from heat and pour over salmon, about 2 ounces per filet. Serves for two.

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