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Master Chefs Vincent DeRossa and Paul Vigil bring a confluence of talents to Picasso's.
It was the collision heard from Irwindale to Honolulu. Picasso’s owner Vincent DeRosa was hurriedly whipping up a fresh ponzu sauce. At his elbow, executive chef Paul Vigil was hastily putting the final accents on a picatta sauce. Then, the master chefs accidentally spun around and banged into each other, leaving the two dripping in […]
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Butcher Boys from La Verne are catering kings, especially when it comes to serving barbecue the way grandpa used to make it.
When you’re sitting down for a chicken dinner at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant in Buena Park, you’re sitting down with history. From her little Buena Park tea room, which was attached to her and her husband Walter’s fledgling berry market, Cordelia Knott pulled out her wedding china and linen napkins and served eight people […]
Matt Fong II, owner of the new Pappas Artisanal restaurant/sandwich & salad shop in La Verne, is a capitalist with a conscience and an entrepreneur with an edge. The former investment banker not only wants to serve great food that’s “familiar but unique,”  but also wants his establishment to serve as part-incubator and idea lab […]
QUICK SUNDAY DRIVE: Don’t blow a gasket with this incredible, insufferable heat. Head down the 605 to Long Beach and Schooner or Later and points beyond.
Would you confess and entrust your darkest secrets, deepest troubles and greatest fears to a recovering alcoholic with an injured heart, who also flunked Greek and Latin? Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands, unfailingly have — anxious teenagers who don’t get along with their parents, bewildered and bankrupt parents who have lost their homes, […]
When you’ve been running successful restaurants (Tutti Mangia, Spaghetti Eddie’s) as long as Ed Inglese has, you know what people want, and you cater to those palettes — with one foot rooted in the old world featuring classics like fettuccini Alfredo , pot roast and chicken Marsala, and one foot firmly planted in 2013, featuring […]
I had planned on going to Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades off Sunset Drive, but the day got away from me and I ran out of time. So instead of walking and hiking and learning a little history in the state park, I continued west to the end of Sunset and turned north […]
Okay, here’s why advertising pays off and better advertising pays off even more handsomely. While enjoying a tostada at the Rose Café in Santa Barbara, I pick up the local paper, the Montecito Journal (May 2-9), and on page 5 in the upper right-hand corner, I spy a quarter-page ad that simply shows a bronzed […]
The La Verne classic car show on March 30 dazzled once again, featuring some of the finest vintage automobiles found anywhere. The gathering of gearheads made for a great morning and afternoon of show-and-tell. Here were some of our favorites: