Could history repeat itself? New York Times Best-Selling Author Clive Cussler, writer of such action adventures as Valhalla Rising, Sahara and Raise the Titanic! grew up in Alhambra and attended Pasadena City College. Meanwhile, Kathryn Le Veque, a La Verne-based writer of historical romances, grew up in nearby Pasadena and also attended Pasadena City College. […]
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      The Wizard of Oz, MGM’s 1939 fantasy classic, is on pretty much everyone’s list of favorite movies.   We loved it as kids, we loved it as young adults, and we love it now.   We love how our own kids and grandkids love it.   We love how it still makes us feel young, we love […]
The newly formed Cultural Arts Society of La Verne is very pleased and excited to announce their 2010-11 inaugural season, to be performed in the beautiful Hillcrest Meeting House located at 2705 Mountain View Drive in La Verne.   Come and enjoy live opera, a 60-piece symphony orchestra, and an inter-faith Festival of Sacred Music without […]
      The other day I was watching “This Property Is Condemned”, circa 1966, one of my favorite Robert Redford movies.   It is also one of my favorite Natalie Wood movies.   Also one of my favorite Sydney Pollack movies.       Yes that’s right; “This Property Is Condemned” stars Robert Redford and Natalie Wood, and is directed […]
On Thursday night at the legendary Whisky a Go Go — where Led Zeppelin and Jim Morrison and The Doors once rocked the house – La Verne’s Janitors of Justice are ready to sweep the crowd off its feet at the celebrated and sometimes notorious Sunset Strip hangout. “I don’t think I’ll be nervous until […]
As a fine arts photographer, C.S. Champe keeps her eyes and camera lenses wide open to capture the best of nature’s bountiful gifts.
By Peter Bennett On a Friday night, I spent the night in a hospital contemplating suicide. I was watching the Bonita High School production of “The Girl in the Mirror” by Bruce Jacoby, a play whose setting is an intensive care unit where a teenage girl lies comatose after overdosing on sleeping pills. The subject […]
This year while attending the Celebration of the Arts, May 1-2, at the Church of the Brethren in downtown La Verne, take a while to also appreciate the church’s unique art and architecture. From its welcoming gates and courtyard to the pulpit and chancel, the church is a sanctuary of symbolism inviting your discovery and […]
BOOK REVIEW by Peter Bennett Ah, the joys of journalism Author  D.G. Elizabeth (who grew up in La Verne no less) has agreed to meet to promote her new book, “Diary of Dating: From a Beautiful Single Woman,” a heartfelt, thought-provoking romantic comedy that takes a contemporary look into the world of dating through the eyes […]
The Celebration of the Arts is growing up right before our eyes, as May 1-2, will mark the 3rd anniversary of the downtown arts festival featuring the artistic talents of our local community. Deadline for submissions is March 19.