Saf-Com Has Been a Safe Bet for Contractors for a Quarter Century

November 12, 2012
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The Saf-Com staff, at its new headquarters at 984 N. Amelia Ave. in San Dimas, is dedicated to your safety. is dedica

The Saf-Com staff, at its new headquarters at 984 N. Amelia Ave. in San Dimas, is dedicated to your safety.

Whether you’re grabbing a donut at a local café, shopping at your favorite mall, or riding the elevator to the seventh floor of a high-rise medical building, probably the last thing on your mind is whether the building you’re in is safe and secure.

That’s because the vast majority of today’s buildings meet the stringent NFPA guidelines to protect occupants in the event of an emergency, ranging from fire to terrorism.

One southern California company at the forefront of keeping retail stores, office buildings, schools and other commercial buildings, safe and secure is Saf-Com Supply. Over the past quarter century, Saf-Com Supply’s customer service team,draftsmen, technical support and product specialists have assisted and supplied builders, electrical contractors and installers with life-saving detection, fire alarm equipment, as well as training and technical support, to keep buildings and their occupants safe.

“The integration of technology and people is the basis of Saf-Com Supply’s success,” said Cassie Abrams, a representative for Saf-Com Supply.

When Saf-Com Supply started,it supplied their customers (mainly contractors and builders) with fire alarm and intercom systems. Today in addition to the fire alarms systems, Saf-Com Supply offers sophisticated, state-of-the-art evacuation, mass-notification and area-of-rescue systems, as well other emerging, life-saving technologies, including carbon monoxide detection systems.

“Since opening our doors, we’ve taken great pride in helping our customers stay abreast of changing safety codes and regulations and always having the materials and equipment available as needed for their projects,” Abrams said. Recently, Saf-ComSupply moved into larger headquarters in San Dimas, Calif., so it could offer customers an expanded and more comprehensive training center.

“In our new facility, we can customize training for individuals or groups, as well as help customers obtain the certifications they need to keep up with the building industry’s continually changing requirements,” Abrams said. “Whatever goes out the door, we help ensure our customers know how to properly use and install it.

“Everyone here is knowledgeable,” Abrams added. “If a customer can explain the application – I don’t care if the project they’re working on is a mini-market, a mall or a military base — we can assist them in finding the absolute best solutions and products, with regard to cost, efficiency and effectiveness.”

Saf-Com Supply has excelled in a highly competitive business and survived a deep recession because it has never cut corners or compromised quality.

“We’re straight-forward, hard-working and we always put our customers first,” Abrams said. Many contractors rely on Saf-Com Supply because the company provides them with another set of eyes,” Abrams noted. “It’s a partnership. We stay keenly aware of and attentive to the needs of our customers.”

One need common to many builders and contractors is for clearly marked, highly visible address, ADA and directional signs, including directories. That’s simply one more value-added service that Saf-Com Supply provides.

“Providing clear, strategically positioned signage is essential to maintaining the orderly traffic flow of any building,” Abrams added. “Whatever the emergency, people have to know how to evacuate quickly and safely.”
At the end of the day, Saf-Com Supply doesn’t want occupants to have to worry about the safety and security of the buildings they’re in.

“That’s our job, that’s our mission, that’s our passion,” Abrams said. “We would rather have them worry about what color jeans they’re going to buy or what movie they want to see at the mall.”

For more information on how Saf-Com Supply is leading the way in helping contractors meet the ever-growing list of fire and safety systems required for today’s buildings, please call (909) 599-9373, visit or email John at

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