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The reason most of us continue living in Southern California, paying exorbitant mortgages and leases, is so we can be on the ground floor for whatever is trending next. As L.A. goes, so goes the nation. So when we hear about something new or edgy in the LA Metropolis, even if neither turns out to […]
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To learn how to thrive in the restaurant business, let alone survive, LaVerneOnline wanted to talk to someone who had done both. For our subject matter expert or SME, we turned to an old hand, Eddie Inglese. For 31 years, he’s been the marvelous restaurateur and local dining dean behind Tutti Mangia and Eddie’s Italian […]
Al Gross, who at age 75 has been retired from Verizon for a dozen years, sees things differently from you and me. Where we see only imperfection, he sees only perfection. Where we see only a random, pointless and purposeless pile of unrelated things, he sees the distinct design and imprint of the Creator. To peer into […]
After closing one of the world’s most successful body jewelry manufacturing businesses in December 2015, ending a two-decade run that earned millions of dollars annually and employed 86 people at its peak, Claremont resident Jim Coffman and his career are clearly on the rocks. Now he is in a state of monolithic madness, turning away from […]
If Lutheran High School in La Verne were a state and the U.S. Census Bureau were measuring its population density, it would rank right up there with Alaska, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. The sprawling campus on Fruit Street north of Foothill Boulevard sits on 10 prime acres, giving its 99 students ample room to […]
Walking home from Bonita High School, along the streets and alleyways of lower La Verne, Ruben Guajardo, like a lot of 18-year-old kids about to graduate into the world in 1973, didn’t know exactly where life would lead him that summer. He had signed up for fall session general education courses at Mount SAC, but […]
The amazing Ball brothers from Chino Hills High School, who led their team to a perfect season last year and a state title, might be soon looking over their shoulders if the 7th grade girls from Ramona Middle School have any say in the matter. With yesterday’s 45-10 victory over Lone Hill, they completed an […]
It was only fitting that a throng of fans ringing the infield on a picture-postcard day, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017, came to cheer the renaming of the La Verne Little League field to the Kirk B. Johnson Memorial Pelota Park. Johnson was a beloved and respected member of the La Verne community who died Aug. 29, […]
  Robin Carder, a councilmember for the last eight years in La Verne, is everywhere. She is more ubiquitous than that “Don’t Wait, Call Eight,” ad blitzing our media channels. She seems to sit on more committees than there are causes. In fact, if you don’t see her on one, you better call 911. She’s […]
In the eastern San Gabriel Valley, nearly everywhere you go, you’re playing on Matt Lyons’ turf. He has the home-field advantage. He grew up in San Dimas, lives in La Verne, ran a successful business in Upland, and his father is Joe Lyons, a city councilman in neighboring Claremont.   He knows the lay of […]