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It was only fitting that a throng of fans ringing the infield on a picture-postcard day, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017, came to cheer the renaming of the La Verne Little League field to the Kirk B. Johnson Memorial Pelota Park. Johnson was a beloved and respected member of the La Verne community who died Aug. 29, […]
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  Robin Carder, a councilmember for the last eight years in La Verne, is everywhere. She is more ubiquitous than that “Don’t Wait, Call Eight,” ad blitzing our media channels. She seems to sit on more committees than there are causes. In fact, if you don’t see her on one, you better call 911. She’s […]
In the eastern San Gabriel Valley, nearly everywhere you go, you’re playing on Matt Lyons’ turf. He has the home-field advantage. He grew up in San Dimas, lives in La Verne, ran a successful business in Upland, and his father is Joe Lyons, a city councilman in neighboring Claremont.   He knows the lay of […]
Among the many questions the La Verne electorate will be faced with on March 7 is, does it want a West Point graduate and Gulf War Silver Star winner, who also served on the La Verne police force for 14 years and now conducts forensics classes at Bonita, Lutheran and the Mt. Baldy ROP, to serve on […]
Who is La Verne City Council candidate Muir Davis, whose yard signs you’re increasingly seeing around town? Let’s put it this way. When he was a teenager waiting in line at In-N-Out, he wasn’t thinking about what beverage he was going to order with his double-double and fries, he was wondering why all In-N-Outs didn’t […]
La Verne might not be hosting the Super Bowl, but it is holding a citywide election for mayor and two council spots on March 7. And La Verne Online is the only in-town publication (as far as I know, please tell me if I’m wrong), that will actually sit down and interview each of the […]
“In the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti,” wrote Melville. It is an individual experience of a place, only to be reached by traveling inward. The master ceramicists featured in this year’s Scripps College Ceramic Annual use clay to communicate the landscapes that they carry within, usually by alluding to a specific part […]
The way that people in La Verne are going to work, shop, shelter, study, dine, drive, commute, recreate and seek medical service could significantly change in upcoming years if development in the city continues at its current pace. Here is an overview of many of the key developments now underway in the City. To help […]
Everything you need to know about Marianne Stark, who has owned a tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping service in La Verne, Calif., since 1983, can be pretty much summed up in her surname — Stark, as in direct and unambiguous. In other words, she’s a straight shooter, which is refreshing to know if you’re a business or […]
You can apply a lot of different labels to Brian Gomez, now 28, but maybe the most apropos appellation is fierce competitor. When he played linebacker at Damien High School for four years, he was always in the thick of the scrum. He applied the same warrior mindset to his studies. After completing Damien, he […]