EDITORIAL, YES on 30: ‘Help Us Continue to Provide the Best Education Possible for Our Children’ … by Dr. Gary Rapkin, Superintendent, Bonita Unified School District

October 17, 2012
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Dr. Gary Rapkin, Superintendent, Bonita Unified School District

Dr. Gary Rapkin, Superintendent, Bonita Unified School District

Our elected officials in Sacramento have failed to develop a state budget that protects the students of California.  The Governor’s budget includes both spending cuts and will put in place appalling “trigger cuts” for education.  Proposition 30, “The Protect Schools and Public Safety Act of 2012”, is the only initiative on the November ballot that replenishes the state’s General Fund and guarantees that new revenues will go to public education.


·         Prop 30 asks the richest Californians to contribute 1% to 3% more in income taxes for seven years. Californians will contribute through a four-year, ¼ cent sales tax increase.  The initiative does not raise income taxes on the poor or middle classes and these revenue increases are strictly temporary. 

·         Bonita Unified is at a crossroads as we begin to spend our “reserve” to keep staff and programs in place.  Prop 30 is the only hope Bonita Unified has to stop the draining of our reserves by providing a stable stream of revenue from the state.  

·         If Prop 30 is not approved, the unrestricted revenues for Bonita will decrease yearly by $4.3 million, an ongoing reduction that will impact revenues for years to come. 

·         The loss of funding will require cuts to vital programs, staff and the decrease of valuable instructional days (furlough days). 

·         Bonita Unified is one of the very few districts in California that has seen a consistent, decade-long growth in student achievement. Student achievement in all areas including the arts, music and sciences requires the continued funding provided by the passage of Prop 30. 

Please help us continue to provide the best education possible for our children by encouraging family and friends to vote “Yes” on Proposition 30 and by volunteering to work in a local campaign.

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