SUMMER JOBS: La Verne Chipotle HIRING This Week!

May 10, 2011
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chipoltleBy now you know Chipotle’s story. Steve Ells, an art history major in college, opened a new-concept burrito shop in 1993 in Denver, Colo., hoping he’d make enough money to fund a fine dining restaurant someday. He opened it in a former Dolly Madison ice cream near the University of Denver, which several large restaurant chains, had passed up.

Well, he’s been opening them ever since, and the newest Chipotle will open in La Verne on May 25, serving basically the same fare Ells started serving 18 years ago —  tacos and burritos made from the very best sustainably raised food possible.

Besides the fact that La Verne residents can feel good that Chipotle’s chicken and pork are 100% naturally raised, as well as 85% of the beef, Chipotle is HIRING right now.

James King, the restaurateur (which is Chipotle speak for area or district manager), listed some of the qualities that his hiring team will be looking for. “They should be hire-energy, honest, respectable, hard-working, not afraid to learn things and ready to move up at Chipoltle,” he offerred.

For King, providing outstanding customer service is every bit as important as serving quality food.

“We’re building a culture of great teams to run these places,” he said.

King, who grew up in nearby Upland, said he’s happy to see Chipotle come to La Verne. “La Verne is just a great area,” he said. “I’m really glad to see us come out to this area. It’s an older shopping center, but it’s getting some life put back into it.” The restaurant is going in on the southwest corner of Foothill and White, next to Blockbuster video.

As for applying to join the Chipolte crew and becoming part of its ongoing story, King said that staff will be accepting applications and conducting interviews Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Good luck and stay hungry, my friends.

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