RABBIT RESCUE: Hop Up to the Plate and Adopt a Rabbit Before Bunnies Get the Boot

February 26, 2011
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Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue has the right variety and shade of rabbit waiting for you to take home.

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue has the right variety and shade of rabbit waiting for you to take home.

It may be the Year of the Rabbit, but if you’re a rabbit that happens to reside at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society Shelter in San Gabriel Valley, the year isn’t shaping up the way you’d like.

You see, all the bunnies are getting the boot, as of May 31, 2011, so that the Humane Society can reclaim the space they’re using now to create a new animal-intake area. While the rabbits will make it through Easter with some kind of roof over their head, they’ll soon be out looking for new shelter after the deadline.



And deadline, in their case, means many could end up dead (euthanized) if new homes aren’t found for up to 60 of these loveable lagomorphs.

Much of the burden of finding homes for the cute and cuddly critters has fallen to Cat (Alexandra) Logsdon, president of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, who has been coming to the aid of abused and abandoned animals ever since she first rescued a duck that couldn’t swim when she was six-years-old. In fact, she and her volunteers provide 100% of the daily upkeep (food, cleaning, exercise and medical) for the bunnies at the shelter currently. 



She absolutely detests how rabbits are dismissed as second-class “citizens” in this country, noting that rabbits are the third most popular pet in the United States behind cats and dogs, and the third most “dumped” animal. She and her fellow volunteers have rescued rabbits from money-obsessed breeders, pet show participants (the fate of flawed rabbits is not a good one) county fairs and everyday families whose Easter surprises lost their novelty after a few weeks or months. She knows the stories of how discarded rabbits are ground into alligator food and disposed of in trash cans.

None of this, of course, would have to happen, if people just had a few more rabbit facts to chew on.

“They’re the love of my life,” Logsdon said. “I wish more people knew how cool they are. They’re a crack-up. They’re social. They’re affectionate and very opinionated. And when you come home from work and open the door, they’ll run up to you and greet you just like your other pets.”

And like cats and dogs, if properly loved and care for, they can live for many years, but about 10 on average. Proper care means feeding them mostly hay and leafy vegetables (Rabbits, contrary to Bugs Bunny – that cwazie wabbit — really shouldn’t munch on carrots because of their fattening, high-sugar content). They also need to be housed indoors in exercise pens (x-pens) out of the heat and away from predators.

With Easter right around the corner, Logsdon fears people will buy rabbits at a pet store or from a breeder (doggie in the window syndrome) without clearly thinking their actions through. Most important, she urges people to adopt a rabbit from Zooh Corner or another reputable shelter.”



“We’re absolutely 100% against breeding,” Logsdon said, noting that rabbits gestate in about 30 days and can often become pregnant the same day they deliver their babies. “Until over-breeding stops, the only fair and humane treatment of these animals is to adopt.”

She is also expanding her outreach to stores like PetCo, some of which will house the rabbits in store. Volunteers will feed and exercise the rabbits until a loving home is found for them. A Zooh Corner volunteer will visit the home and offer suggestions on how to care for the rabbit and how to bunny-proof the home. Zooh Corner takes care of the spay/neutering and other medical costs before adoption.

The adoption fee is $65 for one rabbit or $100 for a pair. Because rabbits are so social, it’s recommended that they cohabit with another rabbit, whenever possible. Upkeep for rabbits is on a par with dogs or cats.

If you can’t adopt or serve as a foster parent to a rabbit, Logsdon asks that you consider volunteering or donating cash, material or services to Zooh Corner through its Web site, www.mybunny.org.



Logsdon and her volunteers have rescued rabbits from some of the most appalling and atrocious conditions imaginable. They’ve fought the good fight in keeping them from being euthanized, but now they need an extra hand in finding homes for many of their rabbits who will be losing theirs come May 31.

“This is an emergency,” Logsdon said. “These rabbits are at risk. If you can adopt or foster, or if you can take in one or more of our shelter bunnies, please contact us at once.”

Logsdon’s direct phone number is (909) 576-8170 or you can reach her via email at zoohgirl@gmail.com

Zooh volunteer Adrienne will be participating in the community-wide rummage sale at Bonita High School in La Verne, and she’ll be donating all her sales proceeds to Zooh Corner! There will be lots of great items for sale, including fine collectibles, jewelry, clothing, books, household and decorative items, sporting goods, and more!

Saturday, March 5 from 8 a.m to 1 p.m.

Bonita High School Parking Lot

3102 D Street

La Verne, CA 91750

Also, on Saturday, March 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the PETCO in San Gabriel (7262 N. Rosemead Blvd.), Zooh Corner Rescue is sponsoring a “Spring-A-Bunny” Rabbit Adoption Fair and Spa-Style Bunny Grooming (only $15).

Again, for more information, please go to www.mybunny.org

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