No Bones About It, La Verne Chiropractor a Soothing Influence to Pain Sufferers

March 31, 2009
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Dr. Afshin Mehr, D.C. stands ready to help local residents find pain relief and better health.

Dr. Afshin Mehr, D.C. stands ready to help local residents find pain relief and better health.

La Verne Chiropractor Dr. Afshin Mehr, D.C., has carved a career out of turning negatives into positives.

He was a heavily recruited soccer player, playing professionally in Canada’s development leagues, until he collided with a goalie and injured his lower back. For weeks, he could scarcely move and grew disheartened by his slow recovery. Finally, a friend in chiropractic school made him an intriguing offer.

She said, “I need patients, and you need help, so why don’t you come and try it.” He did, and several chiropractic treatments and adjustments later he was pain free.

As a living testament to the benefits of chiropractic care, he vigorously pursued his studies in biology and kinesiology at York University in Toronto with an eye toward becoming a chiropractor himself. After graduation from York, he enrolled in the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. This time graduation was a family affair because his sister and brother-in-law were also students there. Today, his brother-in-law and sister have a thriving practice in Dallas.

After Dr. Mehr branched out to California, he opened La Verne Family Chiropractic in August 2007, and has been helping bring pain relief ever since to a small army of sufferers, including those with back pain, neck/shoulder pain, headaches, arthritis, sport injuries, auto & work injuries and massage therapy.

“A chiropractor believes in the self-healing forces of the body through nervous system and musculo-skeletal therapy and other conservative treatments,” Dr. Mehr said from his downtown bungalow-style Bonita office. “We’re focused on detecting and disrupting the source of pain through a care program that may include specific spinal adjustments, exercise recommendations, nutritional advice, massage therapy or other conservative methods of care based on the patient’s health history, age, current condition and lifestyle.

“So much of our health and fitness is directly related to the spine,” Dr. Mehr continued. “It’s the foundation of the body, and through it runs your central nervous system, which controls all of your vital sensory and motor functions, including the healthy function of your organs. If there’s any impingement, interference or pressure on any part of this system, your body will be unhappy until the condition is corrected.”

Dr. Mehr doesn’t intend for chiropractic approaches to replace traditional medical treatments; he just wants them to be embraced as serious alternatives when conventional courses fall short.

“Seventy-five to 80 percent of the population hasn’t even been exposed to chiropractic medicine,” Dr. Mehr said. “Other pathways to health need to be tried, when traditional ones are showing little or no progress.”
Dr. Mehr believes patient education will continue to earn chiropractic care a seat at the medical table. This summer he expects to resume his popular seminars on pain management and developing better strategies for managing obesity and other diet-related conditions.

Dr. Mehr is a member of the California Chiropractic Association and the local Chamber of Commerce. He also conducts medical evaluations and sports injury assessments for Lutheran High School in La Verne. In addition, his practice specializes in orthotics care to correct faulty foot biomechanics.

“As a former athlete myself,” Dr. Mehr said, “I know that receiving the best medical treatment is vital for maintaining good health and fitness.”

Dr. Mehr’s offices are located at 2138 Bonita Avenue in La Verne. His phone is (909) 596-1038. Email:

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