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Well, the gods had a chance to get one right on Sunday. As in the gods of Sport. Or in this case, the golfing gods. Phil Mickelson was poised to finally win the U.S. Open.   His great white whale.   Perhaps the gods figured he’d suffered enough. I myself have been hard on Phil.   Sort of […]
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There were three significant deaths in Sports during the last month or so that really affected me.   It’s worth talking about.   So here goes: I’ll start with the 1970s.   I was in college then.   Berkeley.    Believe it or not, back in the mid-70s Cal had quite a football team.   We had a great quarterback in […]
Jason Collins ‘outed’ himself last week. Yes I know he plays basketball and not baseball. (Just gimme a minute to get there, ok?) Collins, in case it’s possible you are not aware, is the first active player in one of the four major United States team sports to declare his homosexuality. It’s a big deal. […]
REPRINTED FROM APRIL 15, 2012 April 15th. Quite an important date in American history. Yes yes yes, I know, it’s tax day. But that’s not it. As I write this, on April 15th, 2012, it is 100 years to the day since the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic. One hundred years ago exactly. Pretty […]
Well folks, yet another Opening Day is nigh upon us.   Hope springs eternal.   Why?   Because every team is tied for first on Opening Day!   Of course every team is also tied for last on Opening Day, so I guess this is why you really need a positive attitude in life…. And yes, by the way, […]
Have any of you been following all the trades and free agent signings in football lately?   Does your head hurt too? Seriously.   This time of year there are so many players switching teams that not only can’t you keep track of it, but frankly it gets a little comical. I texted my son the other […]
Yes, Steven Spielberg’s “LINCOLN” is a triumph, even though it didn’t triumph at last week’s Academy Awards. “ARGO” won best picture. That’s fine. But “LINCOLN” did pull down the least-suspenseful Academy Award in history. Specifically, the great Daniel Day-Lewis won the Oscar for his dazzling portrayal of our iconic 16th president. Well earned, well done. […]
A few of you might have read my column last week wrapping up the Super Bowl.   It wasn’t bad.   But it wasn’t great either.   Certainly not my best work. And it’s not because I suddenly forgot how to write. It’s more that I had failed to grasp the true, underlying significance of this year’s Super […]
The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl on Sunday. Good for them. And yes, it was a very exciting game. One of the best Super Bowls ever. Long pass plays, a 108-yard kick return, fake field goals, even a power outage. Final score, 34-31. Great theater. But did the best team win? Were the Ravens […]
Please don’t overreact to what I’m about to say. I’m not suicidal. But in some ways, I think I’ve lived too long. I’ve lived long enough to see many of the great movies I saw 20 or 30 or even 40 years ago remade, and the remake is almost never half as good. Just something […]