The National League won the All-Star Game the other day.   Easily.   Just like they always do nowadays.   The mighty American League has now scored only two runs in the last three All-Star games combined.   The game was played in Kansas City.   And a player (Melky “the Melkman” Cabrera) from the San Francisco Giants (my […]
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     I’ve been hard on Roger Federer.      It’s not that I don’t like the guy, I do.   A lot.   One of my favorite tennis players ever.   The most beautiful, graceful, artistic man to ever lace up the sneakers and pick up a snowshoe.   Fred Astaire in rubber soles.      It’s just that I have […]
     I was chatting with the great Pete Bennett the other day.   He publishes this newspaper, and is also an old friend.   A very old friend.   Literally.   Yeah, he’s pushing sixty. — LOL.         As newspaper publishers go, size-wise, Bennett is no William Randolph Hearst.   On the other hand, in many wonderful ways, Hearst is […]
     Quick, who’s the hottest athlete on the entire planet right now?      Nope, you’re wrong.       It’s not LeBron James.   It’s not Rafael Nadal.   It’s not I’ll Have Another (he’s a horse).   And it’s not even Josh Hamilton, the ridiculously tattooed, recovering drug addict and baseball player who is starting to look like Babe […]
     Dating in your 50s is a lot like watching sports; the anticipation is likely to exceed the actual event.      But then again, once in awhile, you get lucky and are treated to a knockout, or a bases-loaded double up the alley, or maybe even a hole-in-one.  (oh, brother)      You might recall a […]
     I hardly know where to start.      It’s just that 2012 is shaping up to be such a weird year in Sports and such a weird year in general, that we can’t help but be both piqued and entertained by it, and maybe if we write it down and read it we can learn […]
     This column is for everybody out there over 40.      Heck, why stop there….it’s for everybody out there over 50.      Okay.   It’s for anybody out there who feels old.   Period.      I feel old.   All the time.   Everything I do reminds me of just how old I am.   I pee about twenty times […]
     Sunday at the Masters.   The greatest day of the year in all of sports?      That’s just one man’s opinion.   But after watching 33-year-old Gerry “Bubba” Watson hit maybe the greatest golf shot I’ve ever seen, virtually steal the Masters from pint-sized South African Louis Oosthuizen, and then break down afterwards, unabashedly, while reflecting […]
Life is amazing.   I wudda thought that hell would freeze over and that the Republican presidential candidates would settle their differences before I would ever write a column about women’s golf.      But tireless hunter-gatherer of the various truths of the Human Condition that I am, if the LPGA Tour is where I must go […]
     The topic for this week’s column was easy to choose and easy to write about.   Your friendly neighborhood Sports Philosopher didn’t even have to think twice about it.      The bounty scandal.      It’s quite a story.   A story involving virtually the entire New Orleans Saints organization trying to intentionally hurt players on other […]