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Here's our little secret: If it's intimate apparel you seek, Carol Gill is a clear standout!
Hey, Victoria, the real Secret is out. You’re not the only retailer of fashionable and functional intimate apparel in Southern California to have raving fans. Have you heard of Carol Gill’s wonderful downtown Glendora shop, Undercovers? If not, you should. You see, Carol, who boasts a fashion merchandising background, and Undercovers are about to celebrate […]
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Would you confess and entrust your darkest secrets, deepest troubles and greatest fears to a recovering alcoholic with an injured heart, who also flunked Greek and Latin? Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands, unfailingly have — anxious teenagers who don’t get along with their parents, bewildered and bankrupt parents who have lost their homes, […]
The La Verne classic car show on March 30 dazzled once again, featuring some of the finest vintage automobiles found anywhere. The gathering of gearheads made for a great morning and afternoon of show-and-tell. Here were some of our favorites:
The San Francisco Giants rule baseball. Feels weird to type it, feels weird to say it, even feels weird to think it.   But it’s true.   After winning last night’s clinching game which wrapped up a dominating 4-game sweep of the Tigers the G-men have now won two of the last three World Series titles, which […]
For all you E-readers out there, Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject by Peter Bennett (published October 2012) is now available on the Amazon Kindle, the world’s best-selling E-reader. “Although I prefer real books and dog-eared pages,” Bennett said, “I understand that about half of all books are now read on electronic devices. In an […]
Several readers of La Verne Online have come up to me and asked about my favorite restaurants in La Verne. To tell you the truth, the answer to that question is a pot-boiler or maybe more accurately a simmering one. For I do not judge a restaurant – usually – by one experience alone unless […]
There’s a section of LaVerneOnline that’s called “Deals and Steals,” and you can find it under Arts & Entertainment. It’s just one more reason to visit LaVerneOnline daily. Well, here’s the deal. San Dimas Canyon Golf Course on Tuesday, June 23 at 6 p.m. is hosting a free talk/seminar on how to host your own […]