October 24, 2017
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To be frank, that runner in Top Speed Running’s storefront window was a little spooky.

LA VERNE, California, October, 24, 2017 — Okay, it’s official. Halloween is getting out of control. National retailers, looking to cash in on the holiday, are now selling orange artificial Christmas trees and peddling all kinds of goodies, like candy-corn lights, chocolate garlands, oversize spiders and miniature pumpkins with which to decorate them.

All told, Americans are expected to spend $9.1 billion this year on candy, costumes, decorations, and, yes, orange Christmas trees. Reportedly, an online Christmas tree retailer, Treetopia, has sold 40 percent more orange trees this fall than last year. Nothing like that orangy-pine tree smell to usher in the holidays.

That got us thinking about whether La Verne is joining the trend, so we hopped on our broomstick for a quick jaunt around town to see what we could scare up in the way of Halloween ideas:

Let Yoome recommend just the right read that will scare your socks off!

The Book Rack in La Verne is full of scary reads that will give you goosebumps long after Halloween has passed. Whatever horror you fancy, let Book Rack owner “Yoome” guide you in finding the perfect spine-tingling thriller.

Don’t worry, Sarah, won’t turn you orange. Rather, she’ll make sure you develop a healthy, natural tan. And, all for $10!

For Halloween, Advanced Tanning in La Verne is offering a spray town, any level, with an added moisturizer, all for $10. When asked whether they could turn customers orange for Halloween, we were told that their tanning process offers a natural tanning look, which is a far better look than looking like an orange construction cone. So if you’re seeking to glow naturally this Halloween, give Advanced Tanning a try.

With Mike Manning leading the cheers, Lordsburg Cigar Lounge will be a smoking hot venue to watch the Dodgers in the World Series.

Lordsburg Cigar Lounge in La Verne, to tell the truth, has been more focused on rooting home the Dodgers through the playoffs than dressing up the place for Halloween. And tonight and all through the World Series, Lordsburg Cigar Lounge will serve as a key venue in the city where you can smoke your favorite cigar in a cozy den with your fellow Dodger-cheering cigar smokers. “We are going to be full tonight,” said owner Mike Manning . “We were quite full for the playoffs,” and that trend should continue all through Series.

Keep your skin protected from a candy-induced break-out with a LED-light-emitting facial package from Ovilla. Just ask Sean!

Ovilla, which opened in La Verne in June, is offering an LED light therapy facial package for Halloween and the holidays. Normally, $68, it’s being offered as a Halloween-and holiday special for just $35. The therapy session lasts 45 minutes. Given how much candy we will all be eating over the next several days, it’s probably a good idea to treat your skin with some loving care. Consultants will help you determine just the right amount of light for your skin.

Is Rodeo Jewelers Koko Vartanian La Verne’s Bruce Wayne?

Koko Vartanian, owner of Rodeo Jewelers, is known for making just about any kind of ring, necklace, bracelet, etc., for any occasion, so when we asked if he could make us a pumpkin ring, he did us one better. “How about a bat ring?” he asked. “I’ve made those for customers before. Silver, gold,, whatever you want!” Batman lives at Rodeo Jewelers in La Verne!

At NothingBundtCakes in La Verne, the shop offers all kinds of Halloween-themed cakes, desserts and decorations, and, of course, all month long, it’s serving pumpkin spice bundt cakes, bundlets and bundtinis.

At NothingBundtCakes, Assistant Manager Araceli noted that choosing “witch” kind of cake to bring home is always difficult! There’s an entire incredible team of bakers, frosters and other staff, led by Manager Thy Le, ready to assist you.

Unfortunately, in our Halloween hunt, we didn’t find any orange Christmas trees, but La Verne merchants are known for their creativity, so don’t be afraid to look around the next corner to see what they come up with.

Happy Halloween, La Verne.

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