September 10, 2017
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LA VERNE, September 10, 2017 — I was heading over to cover some Pop Warner Football at Bonita, hoping that I might catch Pat Bearse leading his young troops into battle. Oops, no football. Team was away this weekend! Well, you can’t go back to the office empty-handed. What would my editor say? It reminds me of the old yarn about an editor who sent out his cub reporter to cover a basketball game, but the game was canceled on account of a devastating earthquake. When the reporter returned without a story or any pics, the editor started screaming. “Why didn’t you bring me pictures of the earthquake?” The reporter answered back, “Because you told me to cover the basketball game.”

So with no football to cover, I decided to start a new feature, “Sunday in La Verne,” the day when most people in town let their hair down for 24 hours and just relax. Here are some first photos with the caveat: Be on the lookout for LVO’s roaming ubiquitous eye on future Sundays.

From left, Sadie and Splash and Lea and Champ prepare to hit the trail from the Marshall Canyon Equestrian Center.

Teeing it Up: From left, Rod Tilton, Albert G., Tom Cruz, Eric Bondurant and Nick Cruz exit the links after playing Marshall Canyon.

The Orange Crush crushed it on Sunday, winning 11-0. The players who made it happen were, front, left: Kaydon, Matthew, Austin, Frankie and Jayden; back, left: Rachel, Esteban, Reece, Dominic, Micah, Joshua and Drew.

Proud Parents: Kristi and Brian Blair were at Pelota Park with their daugher Brynn rooting on Brody out on the baseball field.

More Tee Ball Action: The Karmanns — mom Kendall, dad Brandon and baby Kennedy — cheered all the action.

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