PETE ON THE STREET: ‘Are you better off today than you were four years ago?’

September 7, 2012
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street4Before the start of the Bonita JV football game on Thursday afternoon at Glenn Davis Stadium in La Verne, Pete on the Street (and in the stands) asked, “Are you are better off today than you were four years ago?”

Put on the spot, Lori Brazzill, whose son Cody quarterbacks the JV team, thought for a moment and then responded: “Personally, where I’m at as a human being, I would say, I am better off,” Lori replied. “Financially, I’m not. Most definitely, I’m not.”

Sotero Ramos, whose son Christian plays wide-out and linebacker on the varsity, also answered the question in the affirmative. “I’ve established myself in La Verne, which is a great city. Four years ago, I was just sinking  my roots here.”

Sotero Ramos
Sotero Ramos

Polly Chavez didn’t give the same four years such a favorable rating. “I think our economy is worse than it was,” she said. “We lost our home, and everything. There are no jobs. Starting over at 65, no, I am not better off. Promises were not fulfilled by the one in office.” She’s in favor of change, just not the “Change” that then candidate Barack Obama was championing in 2008. “A change in presidencies,” Chavez said.

Polly Chavez
Polly Chavez

Richard Chavez also said the state of things today are worse now than they were four years ago, citing the “failed policies of this president and the Democratic Congress.”


“They did not fulfill any of their promises, and the economy is just in shambles,” he said. “Too many people are out of work. I’m having to work two part-time jobs. No, I’m not better off.”

There you have it – another unscientific sampling. How would you answer our question. Are you better or worse off than you were four year ago?  And what’s the reason for your answer?

Richard Chavez

Whichever way you feel, will that feeling influence how you vote this November?


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