Gina T Owner Joann Lammens Wants You to be HAPPY!

April 27, 2012
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There's a lot to get HAPPY about!

There's a lot to get HAPPY about!

Why is interior designer and store owner Joann Lammens always so damn HAPPY? Sure, Mother’s Day is almost here, and she’s a terrific mom, but PLEASE!

Could it be because she is hosting an exclusive Get Happy Spring Party at her store, May 10 through May 12, where she will be featuring Happy Everything pottery, décor and gifts – collections so bright and cheery you almost need sunglasses to eat off the gleaming platters that are taking the nation by storm.

What? You haven’t heard of Happy Everything!? Well, you get a pass this one time because the business was started in the south, far from the splendor of Southern California. In the mid 1990s, artist Laura Johnson began painting a few cotton shirts for her family. After working out of her garage, she finally moved into a professional design studio, where her business really came together. Johnson called her business Coton Colors because her designs mostly adorned cotton apparel, but she soon began putting her Happy designs on pottery and plates, and pretty soon everyone had to have one to be Happy.

Now, there’s even a Happy Everything! cookbook to cook up dishes to put on those Happy Everything! platters.

Joann’s Happy Everything! Party, of course, wouldn’t be complete without some Happy Promotions. You’ll receive a free attachment with the purchase of a Happy Everything! original or mini platter, message board, wreath or cookie jar.

You’ll also receive the limited edition Happy Everything! Umbrella with a $75 purchase on select items.

If you thought Disneyland was the happiest place on earth, it’s time to change your thinking. Gina T Interiors and Gina T. HOME will be the Happiest Places on earth, May 10-12.

Get Happy with Joann May 8-10.

Get Happy with Joann May 8-10.


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