Fitness Results on Total HEALTH Kick for 2012

January 20, 2012
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Fitness Results offers showroom HEALTH and fitness programs.

Fitness Results offers showroom HEALTH and fitness programs.

Lance McCullough, owner of Fitness Results, which has been serving the fitness needs of clients for two decades, is on a total HEALTH (Health Eating, Active Living, Total Harmony) kick for 2012.

For the healthy eating portion of his program, Lance, sits down and counsels his clients about their nutrition choices

“Your body is like a race car,” Lance said. “If you have a race car and put bad fuel in it, it’s not going to perform very efficiently, but if you put in good racing fuel, it’s going to run powerfully.”

For the Active Living segment, he advises his clients to maintain a steady diet of weight resistance training. While he recognizes that adding cardio to your fitness routine can burn calories, he believes doing “all cardio all the time,” for weight loss can work against you.

“Too much cardio can actually slow the metabolic rate down,” Lance said. “You have to do the weights to stimulate the muscles. If we keep the muscles up, it will keep the metabolic rate up, which will keep the weight down.

“Too many women are afraid that weights are going to get them too big and bulky, and it’s the exact opposite,” he added. “The weights will make them look more fit and tone and keep the extra weight off.”

He said the results don’t lie.

“All our clients, when they start doing the weight training, they are amazed at how the weight comes off them and how good they look,” Lance noted.

As for the Total Harmony part of his HEALTH package, Lance and his clients are hitting the trails and making fitness fun.

“We’re ramping up all exercise programs with more outdoor activities and events,” Lance said. “The idea is to keep everybody motivated. When we’re out hiking or biking, our clients experience first-hand how their improved personal fitness makes their outings much more enjoyable.

“We invite everybody to come along and join us.”

Fitness Results has always been known for mixing it up, tailoring individual health and fitness programs for each client. Besides offering its signature personal training, Fitness Results offers Pilates and boot camp training inside its beautiful double-deck exercise studio that looks as immaculate as the day it opened.

“We’re all about improving the fitness experience,” Lance said. In recent weeks, he’s added a new Cybex leg press, Magnum leg extension machine and deltoid fly pec-deck machine.

Lance and trainers Rodney Harris and Jill McAlpin have long-time clients dating back two decades. Their successful formula has always been straightforward.

“We have no sign-up fees, no contracts and no dues,” Lance said. “You pay as you go. So, we have to get results for our clients; otherwise, they’re not going to keep coming back.

Clients start showing up at Fitness Results as early as 5 a.m., with personal work-out sessions extending well into the evening.

“We’re there for our clients,” Lance said.

Currently, Fitness Results offers its boot camp Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. too 6:30 a.m. Evening sessions are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. There are full-week and three-day plans, and campers can mix morning and evening sessions at their discretion.

If you’re ready to start your total HEALTH plan, call Fitness Results at (909) 608-1780. The Fitness Results studio is located at 1842 W. 11th St., suite G, in Upland, Calif.

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