Top Producers Put the Pedal to the Metal

March 1, 2011
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Peter Pallesen

Lisa Pimentel, Peter Pallesen and Michelle Esparza

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep moving or you fall down.”

For top producers Lisa Pimentel, Peter Pallesen and Michelle Esparza in the Century 21 Marty Rodriguez office in Glendora, Calif., they continue to pedal harder and faster and with a renewed sense of purpose in 2011. To minimize detours in the always unpredictable real estate market, they decide early on what their course of action is going to be for the year and then they hit the streets using all their experience and talent to reach their personal goals.

“The No. 1 reason I am successful is I work here,” said Lisa, who has worked for Marty for 14 years. “Second, I don’t listen to all the dire predictions about the market tanking and all that. It’s not a bad market; it’s a good market. Rates are low. Prices are low. There’s cheap money available. Everything is on sale.

“And if you believe there is opportunity in the market, and that you can really help people, you keep reaching out to them,” she continued. “I’m not a secret agent. The grocery clerk knows what I do, my dry cleaner knows what I do, and the lady who does my nails knows what I do.

“I’m also tenacious on the phone. Every ‘no’ I hear means I’m one step closer to a ‘yes.’”

Her road map is her business plan. “Your business plan keeps you balanced,” Lisa said. 

Right now, that road map points focuses on helping a broad array of clients, but especially investors, assisting them in finding “thrashers” (“the stinkier the better”). After rehabbing them, investors put them back on the market, and Lisa gets a sales side commission, as well. That’s smart business that also helps improve our local economy.

Peter continues to flourish because of his staying power in the community. He knows the local market as well and easily as a skilled musician can find Middle C on a piano. Whether the market is on an uphill course or a downhill one, he knows how to help his customers play it and find value. 

He recently lined up a buyer for a property that was put on the market because of a divorce situation. The seller had sterling credit and didn’t want to short-sale the house, but the comps came in $7,000 less than she owed.

“Working with Marty, who had listed the home, we were able to document a number of upgrades and improvements and bring them to the attention of the appraiser,” Peter said. “That brought the sales price up and the seller actually walked away with a small gain.”

Using his knowledge of both standard and short sales and his network of relationships built up over years of working as a consummate real estate professional, Peter continually creates value for his clients.

“We have a great staff here, which is expert at executing all kinds of transactions, especially short-sales,” Peter said. “Everyone in our organization is short-sale certified.

“So you play to your strengths. This gives us a big edge over our competitors. Many real estate companies lack the training and the expertise to close them so they won’t show them. At C21 Marty Rodriguez, we don’t walk away from good business.”

Michelle keeps pedaling in the right direction as well.

“First of all, you have to keep your head up and assess the landscape,” Michelle said. “In 2010, short sales dominated the market and lending guidelines kept changing so you really had to stay on top of things and find ways to work faster and smarter.

“Today, nothing has changed,” she added. “You absolutely have to go out and get the education if you want to be a leader in this market. You either chose to be behind the eight ball or ahead of it.”

Whether her clients are ready to buy or not, she treats them all with patience, respect and dignity. “Everyone is important,” Michelle said. “You never drop the ball, you never miss returning a call. People’s situations change daily. Someone out of the market today is a buyer or a seller tomorrow.”

Lisa, Peter and Michelle are top producers precisely because they keep moving. Instead of jumping off the bike at the first sign of trouble or difficulty, they pedal ahead to achieve amazing breakthroughs and results. While the course they negotiate may at times be bumpy and uncertain, given the market, they never lose their sense of resolve, mission or work ethic. By always putting their customers first, they expect 2011 to be another great year.

It’s full speed ahead!

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