LA VERNE SAN DIMAS POP WARNER: Romans Sizzle, Trojans Fizzle in Week 2

September 12, 2010
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The Romans' Carlos Miranda looms up to make a tackle.

La Verne San Dimas Pop Warner featured a twin bill at Glenn Davis Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 12. In the first game, the Romans marched to a 38-0 debut victory while in the nightcap, the Trojans fell to the Diamond Bar Longhorns, 13-0.

The Romans opened week one of the season with a bye, so according to head coach Patrick Bearse there was no excuse for his team not to be ready on Sunday.

“We had this team scouted,” Bearse said. “We knew they’re a new program, so they’d probably struggle with us a little bit.”

Romeo Gutierrez ran the ball hard for the Trojans, getting great blocking from his offensive line up front. Richard Cochran also ran the ball well.

On defense, the team allowed just one first-down the entire game. Eric Ware made several tough tackles. Nathan Nevarez also played standout defense.

The Trojans' Pat Bearse leads a post-game cheer.

The Trojans' Pat Bearse leads a post-game cheer.

Bearse said he’s been on the side of some lopsided games, so he’ll take this win anytime. He likes that his team is off to a good start, but understands one game doesn’t make a season.

“My kids are real disciplined,” Bearse added. “They’re really, really good kids. They know where we need to go and how we need to get there, so I expect us to continue to move forward like this.”

Meanwhile, the Trojans, a team essentially put together in the last 48 hours because it was adding players to its roster from a disbanded Pomona program, struggled early against Diamond Bar. In the first quarter, the Trojans surrendered a 35-yard touchdown run by Longhorns’ running back Randy Amezqua. In the second quarter, Amezqua reeled off a 92-yard touchdown gallop. The fleet-footed back had a third score called back on a penalty.

In the second half, however, the Trojans defense stiffened and shut out the talented Longhorns.

“We made a lot of progress,” head coach Richard Torres said. “We just came together in practice. I’ll guarantee you this, when we see these guys again in two weeks, you’ll see a different score on the scoreboard”

The Trojans featured several good performances that should help the team down the line. Angel Verdugo ran the ball hard on offense. On defense, Dominic Vargas and Alexis Aceves made several good tackles. In fact, the entire defense in the second half started to jell as a unit.

“In the second half, we shut them down,” said Torres, choosing to emphasize the positive. “In the second half, you saw our real team.”

Romans cheerleaders take a breather after cheering home 38 points.

Romans cheerleaders take a breather after cheering home 38 points.

Trojans prepare for weigh-ins.

Trojans prepare for weigh-ins.







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