Palace Pet Salon Knows How to Care for Your Finicky Feline

April 30, 2010
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Cats like to be groomed, too.

Cats like to be groomed, too.

Cats spend a lot of time licking and preening themselves, but they’ll benefit even more with an occasional human touch, whether you groom the kitty yourself or take it to your local cat groomer’s.

If the latter, Palace Pet Salon in La Verne can help your cat look and feel its best.


A Palace Pet Salon professional cat groomer will comb or brush your cat to remove matted,, tangled and knotted hair, check their ears for dirt or wax build up and trim their nails, which will help save your furniture, not to mention, your draperies.


Besides helping your cat maintain a shiny, healthy coat, the groomer will check for anything out of the ordinary, such as skin problems, wounds or fleas.


If bathing is required — for instance, when your cat’s coat begins to look especially oily or dirty — a professional groomer is probably best suited to work with your finicky feline. Both the water and shampoo they use will be temperate and mild enough so that your cat will remain comfortable.


With summer almost here, help make your cat as clean and comfortable as possible. Lighten their undercoat and help keep them flea free.


For more information about cat grooming (and dogs too), please call Palace Pet Salon at (909) 593-5714.


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