Mistakes Women Make with Weight Loss: Myths vs. Truths

March 31, 2010
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canice-flysBy Canice Barbone

Let’s take it on right now!

1) Jane wants to lose  20lbs.
*The first mistake here is the absolute 20 that Jane is requiring.  The scale has very little to do with feeling better and shaping up the body.  Jane needs to focus and concentrate on the importance of changing her body composition of fat mass to lean body mass.  She also needs to set some attainable short term goals.  We already know that her long term goal is 20lbs.  But that will take time, so setting small short term goals will bring success and accomplishment to Jane, and make the long term goal seem within reach.  A sensible 1 – 2 lbs scale pounds per week is realistic.

2) Jane is only focusing on scale weight and she figures the best approach is to start with cardio such as a spinning class, running, power walking, etc…
*That is okay.  Cardio is really good for us; however steady state cardio is not the best approach to maximizing fat loss.

Resistance training should come before ANY cardiovascular workout, unless it is resistance based metabolic cardio interval type training.*  Jane should train with weights first, and then perform her cardio after…in that order.  Weights first, cardio after.

3) Jane likes resistance training but is afraid to pick up something heavy.
*Understandable concern, however if your dumbbells are Barbie doll pink, you are wasting your time.  Grab some metal and challenge your muscles!  You need to be lifting weights that will challenge you to add lean muscle and boost metabolism.

4) Jane knows she needs to eat better, so she dramatically reduces her calories to 1000 per day.
*Wake Up!   That is not a good place to be when starting a weight loss program.  Starving the body of necessary calories and nutrients creates a reckless cycle of frustration and failure.  Eating healthy and clean regularly throughout the day is the correct…..and final answer. **   When calories are too low, Jane will lose weight, but it will be a combination of muscle water and a little fat.  What she is actually doing is bringing her metabolism to a very slow crawl.  At that point she will stop losing weight no matter what she does, and eventually gain it all back, and maybe more.canice-biceps

Eating healthy foods every 3 hours that include lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and lots of water is the ticket.  Proper nutrition.  Fueling your body with healthy foods combined with an effective exercise plan will get you the results you want, but you will feel better as well.

set unrealistic goals
use the scale as your only gage of progress or success
get caught up in endless, low intensity cardio
forget about weight training
drastically reduce calories
eat junk, fast or unhealthy food


set specific realistic short term goals
perform high intensity cardio intervals
weight train 3 – 5 days per week, and use heavy weights
eat every 3 hours
healthy, nutrient dense foods
measure success by how you feel and how clothes fit vs. the scale

*High Intensity Metabolic Interval Circuits
**Clean Eating every 3 hours

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