Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

December 14, 2009
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It is said that the average American gains 1 – 10 pounds during the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.   Then they spend the next 46 weeks of the year trying to lose it.  One pound of extra weight is a result of 3,500 calories consumed that were not burned off.  Now you do the math and multiply 3,500 by 2, 4, 6 8, 10  and that is the reality of how many calories you consumed that have stored on your body.  Why not be proactive and do what it takes to NOT gain the extra pounds?  The answer is simple:  Portion control and activity. 

Canice Barbone

Canice Barbone





Yes, you can enjoy the wonderful treats and goodies that come along with the Holiday Season!   Be mindful, and keep track of what you are eating and drinking and how much you are eating and drinking.  Moderation when eating and drinking is key, along with regular exercise.   It is that simple.


Here are some simple ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays:

§  Continue or start an exercise program with at least 3 hours of exercise per week.  If you are burning extra calories through exercise, chances are you can keep those dreaded holiday pounds off your waist and hips

§  Portion Control.  Enjoy the party and all the fun family traditions, but exercise portion control just like any other day.

§  Eat off of a smaller plate.  There is less room to fill up the plate.  (No stacking food either).  Enjoy the foods on your plate, and no seconds please.

§  One indulgence.  If it is eggnog, or stuffing, on extra dinner roll, or that piece of pie.  You chose one as your “treat” and say no to the rest.

§  Leave something on your plate rather than stuff yourself or over eat.

§  Enjoy the party away from the food or snack table, and for heavens sake, don’t chat with people in the kitchen.  You will be less likely to snack if you are visiting with people away from temptation.

§  Practice discipline.  The holidays are not the time to abandon your disciplined, healthy lifestyle.

§  Alcohol in moderation.  Alcohol is full of empty calories and can quickly throw you off track.  Not to mention, people snack and eat more when they are drinking.  All calories add up.

§  Keep a food journal.  If you monitor what you eat and when, you will be more aware of total calories consumed.

§  When eating canopes at a party, stash away the toothpicks so you will be aware of how many you have eaten. 


Be proactive before the Holiday storm hits.  During the holidays, everyone is trying to conserve time, energy and money.  However if you do not continue to exercise or start and exercise program, you will be conserving more than just energy.  You will be storing excess body fat!  Why wait until January 1st to make your traditional New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get started.  Start now.  


I say start doing something about it now, before the holidays are here.  Why allow that “extra” weight to come onto your body at all?  It’s kind of like knowing that a big storm is going to come and then leaving all your windows and doors open causing your house to flood.  You wouldn’t do that would you?


Same thing with all the extra food and calories that you will inevitably will be consuming.  The Holiday storm is coming people….be proactive and do something about it before it happens.  A commitment to yourself with a solid exercise program is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and God Bless,

Canice Barbone

Canice Barbone is Co-owner and Director of Ultimate Fitness Boot Camps, SCBSA Fitness Center and Club Spinnergy in La Verne.





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