New Crime Log for Sept. 21 – Sept. 28

September 30, 2009
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September 21, 2009

Sex Assault Report

2000 block of Third St.

3:52 p.m.

Reporting Person in lobby reporting sexual battery that occurred 9/20/09.

Citizen Assist

2600 block of Arrow Hwy.

6:17 p.m.

Reporting Person’s neighbor just pepper-sprayed her pitbull because it was barking.

September 22, 2009

Suspicious Circumstances

2400 block of Seventh St.

6:26 a.m.

Elderly white male at front door of location stating he has been robbed of his clothes. Appears no injury. However, Reporting Person will not open door. Believes he has a shirt on but no pants.

Citizen Assist

2700 block of Arrow Hwy.

1:14 p.m.

Reporting person advised her 14-year-old neighbor is at her house. Juvenile has been abused by her father and is scared because he is on his way home and told her he is going to beat her for skipping school.

Citizen Assist

1600 block of Maplewood St.

4:12 p.m.

Reporting Person advised his 9-year-old son was at his grandma’s house and broke into her neighbor’s house. Reporting person would like an officer to come down and speak to his son about the severity of his actions.

September 23, 2009

Burglary to Vehicle

2900 block of Arrow Hwy.

5:22 a.m.

GPS and 2-Way Radio and stereo taken from cab.

Suspicious Auto

Kuns Park

2:04 p.m.

Reporting Person states he was at the park 1 1/2 hours ago and observed several vehicles on the north side of the park that were suspicious. A male carrying two knives. A sheath also seen.

September 25, 2009

Suspicious Auto

1400 block of Foothill/Indymac Bank

4:26 p.m.

Reporting Bank Manager advised there has been a brown van parked out front all day with signs on it stating, “Don’t Bother Us” and “Leave Us and Our Van Alone.”

Suspicious Circumstances

1300 block of Third St.

11:44 p.m.

Reporting Person advised someone ran up to his door and kicked it in. No entry made. Reporting Person does not see anyone.

September 26, 2009

Citizen Assist

3800 block of Bradford St.

5:59 p.m.

Reporting Person advised unknown subject had been entering her home often with a gun while she is sleeping. Reporting Person believes whoever is coming inside wants her to move out. Reporting Person refused to give details because she believes the person is listening to her now.

Suspicious Circumstances

1400 block of Third St.

11:21 p.m.

Someone tried to kick the door open. Door did not open at the time, but tried to get in.

September 27, 2009

Thrown Substance at Vehicle


2:43 a.m.

Reporting Person advised two subjects possibly juveniles are throwing rocks at her vehicle. Subjects last seen crossing Arrow between Wheeler.

September 28, 2009

Extra Patrol Request

2700 block of Arrow Hwy — Kingsway Gardens

10:38 a.m.

Reporting Person came into the front lobby requesting extra patrol all hours of the day due to drug dealers at location chasing children out of play areas to do their deals.

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