La Verne Online Traffic Continues to Increase

September 4, 2009
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Since we can't all be Tiger Woods, publishing seemed like a nice alternative.

Since we can't all be Tiger Woods, publishing seemed like a nice alternative.

La, La Verne’s only daily online newspaper featuring “more news, views and coupons you can use,” reported its fifth consecutive increase in the number of unique visits to the website since launching in April 2009.

In August, we logged almost 20,000 monthly unique site visits,” LaVerneOnline Publisher Peter Bennett reported. “Every day more and more people are discovering that we’re the community’s best source for news and coupons. I’m most proud of the fact that we’ve covered and posted nearly 300 stories since our launch in April. Before LaVerneOnline launched, that’s probably more coverage than La Verne received in the past decade.

“I truly believe we’re linking the community in a special way, which goes to my belief that you can’t have a great town unless you have a great communications vehicle, and LaVerneOnline is it,” Bennett added. “We’ve covered news from the classroom to the courtroom and from the front office to the back office and all the sports fields in between.

“Of course, none of this happens without our loyal advertisers. They know who they are, and the community should too. Simply scroll down to the bottom of LaVerneOnline, and you’ll see the list of our “Superstar Supporters.”

Bennett said the early success of La Verne Online also stems from its uniqueness and ubiquity.

“We’re unique because nobody covers the news the way we do,” Bennett said. “We try to follow the” 60 Minutes” four-word formula that Producer Don Hewitt used with great success: ‘Tell me a story.’ If were not presenting the information in an interesting way, we’re wasting everyone’s time.

“Second, we try to be everywhere we think are readers are or would like to be, whether it’s the kickoff to football season, the opening of a new business or asking our public and elected officials about the important issues of the day.”

How can community residents show their support for LaVerneOnline?

“Support our advertisers,” Bennett said. “That keeps tax dollars local. Also, go online and subscribe. It’s easy and it’s free. We simply send out a weekly update to all our subscribers on Monday that contains the week’s best stories. If one catches your interest, you click on it and you’re taken directly to that story.

“Go on as often as you like, once an hour, once a day or a once a week. “We’re going to be there for you.”

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