Lions, and Tigers, and Windows, Oh My — Grand Openings a Special La Verne Business Indeed

August 4, 2009
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Were it for not animal shelters, such as Forever Wild in Phelan, Calif., and supporters like Ken and Judy Turnquist, owners of Grand Openings, neglected and discarded tigers would be euthanized.

Were it for not animal shelters, such as Forever Wild in Phelan, Calif., and supporters like Ken and Judy Turnquist, owners of Grand Openings, neglected and discarded tigers would be euthanized.

In an amazing, tug-at-your-heartstrings episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last Sunday, March 29, viewers got to see an incredible coalition of designers, builders and community supporters rehabilitate Forever Wild, an animal rescue and rehabilitation center run by Joel and Chemain Alquist in Phelan, Calif. Literally, a small army of volunteers over a week’s time built a new home for the Alquists, a learning center for visitors to enjoy and a sanctuary for the abused and discarded tigers, lynxes and other animals the Alquists take in. Click on the link to watch the two-hour special; it will restore your faith in humanity, if nothing else. (

Grand Openings, right here in our community, was responsible for installing all of the windows for the new learning center, an effort led by Grand Openings owner Ken Turnquist and several members of his family and regular work crew. Judy, Ken’s wife and co-owner, had to stay behind to manage their new showroom at 2814 Metropolitan Place (just off Bonita in East La Verne/Pomona), but didn’t mind, knowing how Grand Openings, in its small way, was helping to improve life for a family that was doing so much to care for neglected animals.

Whether Grand Openings is donating its time for a worthy cause or completing another incomparable window or door installation here in La Verne, Grand Openings stands for quality you can see. At their new showroom, visitors can select from a stunning collection of doors and windows sure to enhance their home’s value and curb appeal. For doors, the  sheer variety of materials that owners Ken and Judy offer are amazing — from warm, traditional woods like oak and mahogany to low-maintenance fiberglass or premium steel. Ken also helped design and develop the “clad” wood door, a hybrid door that features easy-maintenance fiberglass, vinyl or steel on the outside and traditional wood on the inside. Absolutely brilliant!

“The overwhelming trend today,” Judy said, “is beauty and function without the upkeep.”

Again, Grand Opening passes all of these customer preferences with crystal clarity. They have the perfect window for every room in the house: bay and bow windows, casements, single- and double hungs, and ones that slide and glide. They also come in a full spectrum of colors. And if you don’t see the window you like in the showroom or the stacks of catalogs and brochures that Judy keeps, Grand Openings will customize it.

Ken is not only a contractor, but a master craftsman, designer and perfectionist. His father was a hardware store owner and Ken managed the store. For many years, Ken owned a French door business, which was so successful that Superior bought it, along with Ken’s services for the next five years. In 2000, with their three children Desiree, Danielle and Kenny grown, and for the most part out of the home, they decided to open their storefront, Grand Openings, in the old Von’s shopping center in 2000.

While many outfits can hang and finish a door, nobody quite does the installation with Grand Openings’ care, precision and service – and when it comes to doors and windows that makes all the difference. If you need to call Ken back out to make an adjustment, he comes willingly and with a smile, and even asks about your kids.

There’s one more reason to use Grand Openings. It saves money in the long run. All the energy-saving doors and windows it installs can help you sharply reduce your utility bills. Their low-E windows can cut your cooling load by 15% and your heating bill by 25%.

 There’s a lot to learn about doors and windows, so start your education process at Grand Openings’ new showroom. There are no more patient, kinder or knowledgeable teachers than Ken and Judy. Whether you simply want to change out your entry door hardware or want to transform your 36-inch single-door to a 5- or 6-foot double-wide grand opening, Ken and Judy can provide you just what you need … and usually a lot more.

Whether your home needs an extreme makeover or simply that one new Grand Opening to highlight your home’s true character, give Ken and Judy a call today.

Visit their new showroom in the business park at 2814 Metropolitan Place, just off Bonita in East La Verne/Pomona, call 392-3757, or visit


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