By Canice Barbone 1) Work out even when you don’t feel like it.  Most of the time your workout will end up being a good one, and you will feel better because you did it.  Let the reason you don’t want to work out become the reason you need to. 2) Make a list of the areas […]
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By Canice Barbone — If you have thought about getting fit and healthy even once, it is time to start doing something about it.  Sitting idle won’t ever get you the body you desire, the level of fitness you desire and the health you need to have a good quality of life. I am here […]
By Canice Barbone Exercise is important for most people, but especially important if you are trying to lose body fat weight. I say “body fat weight” because it is imperative that in any weight loss situation or attempt, that lean muscle is maintained and body fat weight is what is lost. To lose body weight, […]
There you are, dressed comfortably in T-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes with your set of golf clubs securely slung over your shoulder. But while your envious neighbor thinks you’re off to the golf course, this time you have an even more important destination in mind –the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation department at Pomona Valley Hospital […]
Dodger great Tommy Lasorda drew an overflow crowd to Pelota Park.
Put more spring in your game by running up hills. We happen to know a good one!