Pablo Sandoval
The San Francisco Giants rule baseball. Feels weird to type it, feels weird to say it, even feels weird to think it.   But it’s true.   After winning last night’s clinching game which wrapped up a dominating 4-game sweep of the Tigers the G-men have now won two of the last three World Series titles, which […]
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TSP:           Haven’t done a column with you in awhile, my boy.  Sorry about that.  MONTE:    Woof. TSP:           Seriously.   Cut me some slack.  I’ve had a lot going on lately. MONTE:     Do you mean a lot going on with your fabulous book—WHERE GODS GAMBLE, available now through in both beautiful paperback and hardcover—going into […]
     One of my books was published last week.      I don’t mention this necessarily expecting you to run right out and buy the damn thing (okay, that’s a big fat lie, of course that’s what I expect), but rather I mention it as a relevant prelude to a rather beautiful day at beautiful Santa […]
      My girlfriend, Roxanne, is a very, very passionate woman.   And I mean very passionate….       About football.       It’s pretty cool, actually.   This lady loves football the way I love my dog, which is a lot.   She eats it, lives, breathes it.   During football season she’s happy.   The rest of the year, not so […]
      Yeah, that’s right, it pays to go to the gym.       Go figure.   As a lifelong member of the society for the benevolent protection of the rights of the happily flabby and eternally soft, I’m as surprised as anyone.         But first, to backtrack a bit, let me say that my original motive […]
      I’m trying to not get too excited.       Because as you read this it is Monday morning, and tonight’s Monday Night Football telecast features my beloved Chicago Bears, who seek to defeat the consensus best team in football in the over-hyped (I hope) Green Bay Packers, which would make the Bears 3-0 right out […]
        I thought for sure I would be writing this week’s column about football.   Specifically, pro football.   The NFL.   You know—the altar at which we all worship.       Pro Football has turned into something very weird in this country.   Sort of a cross between religious fanaticism and drug addiction.   Or that one juicy girl […]
      Here’s a couple of recent chat-worthy items from the Sports Philosopher grab bag….       I woke up the other day, flipped on ESPN2, and Skip Bayless—a relatively famous sports journalist—was busy doing what he does, debating another sort of famous media dude on sports issues near and dear to him on the ESPN2 talk […]
      They played a little game of tennis out on Court Eighteen at Wimbledon on Tuesday.       And Wednesday.       And Thursday.       They played into darkness twice and left the court to frenzied (albeit disappointed) crowds twice, because after two days there was still no winner to worship.   This was only a 1st-round match.   […]
      Dear Diary,       I hardly know where to start.       So the Lakers finally beat the Celtics, huh?   Big deal.   They’d beaten them in the finals before.   Twice.   Okay okay, so twice out of eleven isn’t so hot, I know, I get it.   And they’d never beaten them in a game seven, where it […]