Clear about what his life's work is supposed to be, Jeff Tortorelli couldn't be happier.
If the truth be told, it is not just the hand of God that worshippers feel when they attend church or synagogue. Man’s hand is also very present, and one hand, in particular, Jeff Tortorelli’s. For many year’s Tortorelli owned a liturgical art and design studio on Arrow Highway in San Dimas before moving his […]
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Akron, Ohio, may be the rubber capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nev., may be the wedding capital of the world, and Castroville, Calif., may be the artichoke capital of the world, but, darn, if La Verne, Calif., isn’t the magic capital of the world. A couple of weeks ago, LaVerneOnline.com brought you the amazing […]
The start of spring training evokes powerful memories. The tingle of fresh horsehide in the palm of your hand, the intoxicating scent of freshly cut Bermuda grass and the sight of powdery white chalk lines and finely crushed brick dirt fanning across the infield return a grown man to his youth. For Peter Dewhurst, father […]
If the White House had La Verne crossing guard Celia Corvera monitoring the VIP list, party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi never would have gotten through the gates to attend President Obama’s state dinner for India’s prime minister. And she’ll be available, too, because this Friday, Dec. 18, Celia, all 4-foot-11-inches of her, will leave […]
In the interest of full disclosure, I must mention that Dr. Laurie Woll has been my dermatologist for decades. She has keenly kept watch over all my suspicious-looking moles, their unshapely appearance the outgrowth of too much exposure to the sun as a kid growing up in a different era when no one knew any […]
Same La Verne location, same manager, practically the same food (maybe even better) … Only its name and ownership have changed, and some of the trademarked dishes on the menu have new titles. It’s hardly the first time a business has changed its name. Before Google was Google, it was BackRub. Healthy Choice started as […]
At Little Kuts on Foothill Blvd. in La Verne, owner and hairdresser Maria Ortiz practices both the art of attraction and the art of distraction. First, the art of attraction. After sitting in her chair — or one of five carousel-style character chairs in her salon – kids appear gorgeously groomed, the result of Maria’s […]
For someone just 17, La Verne’s Adam Gordon wears a lot of uniforms. As a black belt karate instructor, he wears a martial arts uniform. As a student at the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Pasadena, he wears a culinary uniform. And as a member of Troop 123, he proudly wears the Scout uniform. So, […]
Santa Claus, it turns out, isn’t the only man living at the North Pole. La Verne’s Dave Juergens lives there as well, at least in his imagination. Opening narration from season one of “The Twilight Zone” Narrator: There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast […]
Call him “The Kernel” or the “The King of Pop.” John Norman doesn’t much care about titles. He’s too busy selling kettle popcorn to notice. By the hundreds and thousands, people line up for his deliciously addictive sweet and salty popcorn at Knott’s Berry Farm, San Manuel, the California Speedway and a dozen other big-ticket […]