La Verne's Scott Hill displays many of the flags that have represented the union over its history.
LA VERNE, California, July 4, 2017 — La Verne saluted the nation’s birthday with family and a flotilla of floats, flags, fairs, fireworks, finger foods, and fashions that made the emerald city the place to be on July 4th. Bands marched, motorcycles roared, seniors reposed, babies wailed, horses cantered, politicians waved, classic automobiles honked, and […]
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LA VERNE, Calif., June 16, 2017 — While the quality, purity and safety of La Verne’s water supply is ensured by several public agencies, such as the Three Valley Municipal Water District and the Metropolitan Water District, which includes the massive F.E. Weymouth Water Treatment Plant off Wheeler Ave., about one in 10 people around […]
LA VERNE, Calif., May 20, 2017 — If you are feeling low and out of sorts and need a sure-fire pick- me-up that will get you back to your old-self again, skip the Aleve or anti-depressants and head over to Roberta’s coffee shop in downtown La Verne. Roberta’s is La Verne’s version of Cheers, “where everybody knows […]
LA VERNE, CALIF. , May 17, 2017 — San Antonio has the River Walk, New Orleans has the French Quarter, Orlando has Walt Disney World and La Verne has … Hillcrest – A Remarkable Retirement Community.  What makes the community unique or “remarkable” is that unlike most retirement centers where visitors are greeted with a […]
LA VERNE, Calif., May 5, 2017 — When I work with buyers, I always ask them for their list of must-haves – the things they absolutely can’t live without in their new home. Often making the list these days – of course, it depends very much on the unique preferences of your clients — is a […]
Here was our challenge. Colleen and I have been hosting a couple of social media mavens from Australia here to explore new business opportunities when they asked us where they could pick up a good latte after their morning jog around our fair town of La Verne. Immediately, panic set in, because, you see, Australians don’t […]
The reason most of us continue living in Southern California, paying exorbitant mortgages and leases, is so we can be on the ground floor for whatever is trending next. As L.A. goes, so goes the nation. So when we hear about something new or edgy in the LA metropolis, even if neither turns out to […]
Al Gross, who at age 75 has been retired from Verizon for a dozen years, sees things differently from you and me. Where we see only imperfection, he sees only perfection. Where we see only a random, pointless and purposeless pile of unrelated things, he sees the distinct design and imprint of the Creator. To peer into […]
Walking home from Bonita High School, along the streets and alleyways of lower La Verne, Ruben Guajardo, like a lot of 18-year-old kids about to graduate into the world in 1973, didn’t know exactly where life would lead him that summer. He had signed up for fall session general education courses at Mount SAC, but […]
Who is La Verne City Council candidate Muir Davis, whose yard signs you’re increasingly seeing around town? Let’s put it this way. When he was a teenager waiting in line at In-N-Out, he wasn’t thinking about what beverage he was going to order with his double-double and fries, he was wondering why all In-N-Outs didn’t […]