From left, Dr. Kelly Yokum, Peggy Redmon and Dr. Ryan Harrison enjoy the sunshine of their research.
LA VERNE, California, January 17, 2018 — Have caregivers responsible for communicating with people who have dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s Disease, been carrying on the wrong conversations? If any center is qualified to answer, let alone address, that question, it’s Hillcrest, which as one of the nation’s leading continuing care retirement communities, offers residents not […]
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What’s more important: the message or the messenger? If I told you, “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness,” you might thank me for my fortune cookie counsel, before thinking you’ve probably heard better advice elsewhere. And if I added some more underwhelming and un-genius […]
LA VERNE, California, Jan. 10, 2018 — I consider myself somewhat of a Warren Buffett expert. I featured the Oracle of Omaha in my book, Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject, a few years back when his conglomerate had a market cap of $334 billion. Today, Buffett’s empire is worth more than half a trillion […]
LA VERNE, California, Jan. 9, 2018 — “Why did the chicken cross the road?” It’s an old riddle. The listener expects a simple twist or clever punchline — perhaps a little fowl play of words  —  but the straight answer is, “To get to the other side.” Today, the modern spin on the old joke […]
  LA VERNE, California, January 4, 2018 — For the New Year, if I can offer new or move-up buyers two tips, they would be:   1) Steer clear of homes near freeways, no matter how beautiful, convenient or favorably priced, and     2) Don’t automatically max out your budget by buying the biggest […]
LA VERNE, California, December 26, 2017 — It appears that owners living in expensive, heavily financed homes came out on the short end of the new tax bill. Renters could also be losers under the tax code’s new provisions. First, some background, then a closer examination of the new tax bill’s possible effects. Under the […]
LA  VERNE, California, Dec. 22, 2017 — This morning I woke up very early to David Allen’s excellent piece, “‘The Graduate’ wedding scene forever altar-ed La Verne church,” in the Daily Bulletin, which opened a flood of memories for me.   Released on Dec. 22, 1967, it was the first really racy (is that what […]
LA VERNE, California, December 20, 2017 — La Verne’s 91-consecutive-year Christmas tradition of delivering nuts, fruit and candy to residents living on the more than 900 streets that make up the city is an amazing achievement.   It’s right up there with Floyd Mayweather’s 50 straight winning bouts, Rafael Nadal’s 81 straight victories on clay […]
LA VERNE, California, Dec. 20, 2017 — Reality — a lack of real estate  and the sheer might of the green-lighted Gold Line project — has just slammed the brakes on La Verne’s dream of having a Class 1 bike lane (paved right-of-way completely separated from the street) running along Arrow Hwy. Under La Verne’s […]
LA VERNE, California, December 19, 2017 — It’s really no secret why La Verne Little League was just a couple heartbeats away from representing the West in the Little League World Series this past summer. The city, community and the Little League leadership, representing the players and their parents, perform huge amounts of work behind […]