Soft copy or E-Version, Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject is a great motivational and inspirational read.
For all you E-readers out there, Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject by Peter Bennett (published October 2012) is now available on the Amazon Kindle, the world’s best-selling E-reader. “Although I prefer real books and dog-eared pages,” Bennett said, “I understand that about half of all books are now read on electronic devices. In an […]
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With school and after-school activities still in full swing, it’s easy for parents to postpone thinking about summer camp programs for their children.  But, Steven Paul, Director of Kiddie Academy of La Verne, an educationally focused child care provider in La Verne, says parents should act now to select and register their children, before popular […]
If you are searching for the ideal, thoughtful Christmas or birthday present for someone special in your life, the La Verne Veterans Memorial Committee may have the solution.  The committee has been raising funds and enthusiasm for the proposed memorial, which will be located in front of Veterans Hall on the corner of Bonita Avenue […]
A big summer Tech Showcase and Health Fair is coming to town on June 15. With your attendance, you’ll never have to worry again about how to keep your kids busy all summer long.
Dodger great Tommy Lasorda drew an overflow crowd to Pelota Park.
by Peter Bennett Whether you believe God or the devil is in the details, you’re going to have to sweat the small stuff to be a winner in this world. Swimmer Michael Phelps knows that mere “trifles” made him perfect at the Beijing Olympics. In his miraculous hundredth-of-a-second victory in the 100-meter butterfly, the seventh […]