An excited Ramona student storms the new gym.
LA VERNE, California, November 2, 2017 — Not everybody was at the Dodger game on Wednesday. A few stayed home in La Verne to watch the official ribbon-cutting and unveiling of the new Ramona Middle School gymnasium, a 15,445-square-foot facility built for $6.5 million. Funding for the two-year project, which can seat up to 1,424 […]
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When James Ellis was selected as principal of Ramona Middle School in La Verne, the Bonita Unified School District knew it would be hiring a leader, innovator and a competitor.   As for the latter, Ellis, a former gymnast with the University of Illinois, has never lost a handstand challenge to one of his Ramona […]
The ribbon cutting for the new Bonita gym is set for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 28, which is also “Back to School Night” for parents and students. We need a nickname for this impressive edifice. I vote for the “Big Mint-Green Lampshade.” I’m sure you’ll come up with something. But it deserves a decent […]
Memo to Bonita Coach Greg Eckler: Coming off an undefeated season, the 8th grade basketball team from Ramona Middle School in La Verne is loaded with talent, and, according to head coach Cory Hanson, the entire roster is heading to Bonita. That talent was on display Thursday at Sandburg Middle School in Glendora, where the […]
A little past the midway point in the season, LaVerneOnline got to check in on three of Ramona’s basketball coaches — Cory Hanson, 8th grade boys; Mike Riggs, 7th grade girls coach and also Ramona athletic director; and Dannell Soto, 7th grade boys – to see how their squads are performing. Hanson — 8th grade […]
In early April, about 90 students will be on their way to Washington, D.C. from Ramona Middle School in La Verne, including four students who have been invited to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.  Eighth grade students Ariana Abo, Joey Halbrin, Elizabeth Velasquez and Bryan Zhong, along […]
Come Spring Break in early April, most Ramona Middle School students will be sleeping in, running to the beach or catching up on their video games, but for about 80 Ramona students, they’ll still be cramming in their American History. Not by reading about the legends and landmarks described in the U.S. history books, but […]
Cory Hanson has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Not only does he have a new job, but he absolutely loves it. That wasn’t always the case. Before he became Ramona Middle School’s new counselor, responsible for counseling half the sixth grade and the entire 7th grade class, and before he entered […]
BP Global has awarded three Ramona Middle School science teachers each a grant of $10,000 to fuel their students’ participation in alternative energy projects featuring biomass, wind and hydrogen cell energy.   Alison Reedy was awarded her grant to teach students about alternative energy sources. The project, called “Gard-en-ergy,” will feature student-guided inquiry activities that […]
Have you checked the price of projector bulbs lately? If one goes on the fritz, by the time you requisition a new one, it could take weeks to receive it, if it arrives at all, given lean school budgets these days. Without something as simple as projector bulb, students could literally be left in the […]